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Cheaper alternative to air fryers are the ‘next big thing’ and just as healthy

Cheaper alternative to air fryers are the ‘next big thing’ and just as healthy

You may want to add this one to the Christmas wish list...

I'm sure we've all got a mate, colleague or family member who quite literally can't stop banging on about their air fryer.

Whether its their efficiency, speed or convenient size that makes them the perfect addition to any kitchen counter - people are clearly beyond obsessed with the latest must-have appliance.

However, there may be a new contender on the block after Brits started clocking on to a cheaper alternative to air fryers which are apparently the 'next big thing' and just as healthy.

With Christmas now just five weeks away, I'm sure we're all rushing to finalise our wish lists and figure out some last-minute gifts for our friends and family.

Well, you may want to take a second look at that air fryer - which works by circulating hot air around the food to cook it in a similar way to a fan oven - in your shopping basket because there's a new gizmo that's about to take over.

We all love a proper good portion of air fryer chips.
i'am / Getty Images

Step aside air fryers as halogen ovens are gearing up to be the next hyped-over trend.

In case you're not in the know, such appliances are essentially a big glass bowl fitted with a lid, halogen bulbs and a fan and have been praised for being particularly efficient.

Now, while air fryers are great for delivering that sought-after 'fried' finish on a whole load of grub; from chicken and chips all the way through to entire roast Christmas dinners - halogen ovens can get the job done just as quick and even cheaper.

Now, between the cost of living crisis, rising heating bills, sorting out our Crimbo jumpers, stocking up our cupboards with booze galore and figuring out presents for all your loved ones - we're all set to become pretty strapped for cash in the next couple months.

So, it makes sense why Brits will be after not only a time-saving addition to their home but also a money-saving one.

Halogen ovens usually have a lower up-front cost.
tirc83 / Getty Images

People have been raving about the humble halogen oven which, like the air fryer, is also fairly cheap to run compared to a traditional oven, as well as being equally healthy using minimal oil.

They are also often cheaper to buy than an air fryer, with some decent ones going for under £30 online.

Oh, plus, the countertop cookers have an added element of entertainment to the mix as you can actually see what's happening inside due to the glass bowl.

Definitely not a priority but pretty cool nonetheless.

While halogen ovens can be cheaper than air fryers when it comes to the initial up-front cost, as always, the amount of money it takes to run totally depends on the model of each appliance.

Will you be buying a halogen oven?

Featured Image Credit: Grace Cary/Ali Majdfar/Getty Images

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