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The Simple Mistake That Could Cost Dog Walkers £1,000

The Simple Mistake That Could Cost Dog Walkers £1,000

Dog owners should be aware of these guidelines.

Over the Christmas period, taking our dogs on long wintry walks can often break up hours spent bingeing Netflix and blitzing through the tin of Quality Street.

But did you know the importance of looking out for areas that you may not be able to walk your pooch? In fact, if your dog wanders off into a prohibited area, you could be landed with a hefty fine.

If your dog wanders off into a prohibited area, you could be landed with a hefty fine (

While we all know the importance of keeping our fur babies on their leads in certain scenarios - for example, next to a main road, or in a children's play area - local councils are able to enforce Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) to stop dogs entering certain areas.

So how do you know if there's a PSPO in place? Well, the area must be clearly signposted, with the government website explaining: "The area which the PSPO will cover must be clearly defined. Mapping out areas where certain behaviours are permitted may also be helpful; for instance identifying specific park areas where dogs can be let off a lead without breaching the PSPO."

The area must be clearly signposted (

So if you can't see a sign, it's a pretty good indication there isn't a PSPO in place. But if there is one in place, councils are usually advised to provide guidance on where owners can exercise their dogs without restrictions.

However, if a PSPO is in place, and your dog is off the lead, you can be fined £100. Added to that, if you end up in court over the breach, you could be fined up to £1,000 if prosecuted.

In other important dog walking news, earlier this month we told you how to tell when it's too cold to walk your dog.

Dogs may be struggling in this cold (

Data from pet insurance company Bought By Many shows that the cost for an insurance claim rockets when we start to feel the cold; from November to March, the average cost is around £437.

According to FetchPet, the size of your pup and the thickness of their coat will help determine when it’s safe for them to go outside.

Small or medium-sized dogs with thin coats could be at risk if they go out if the temperature is 7C or lower.

However, bigger dogs with thicker coats, such as Siberian huskies, are more suited to colder climates.

You can read more about that here.

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