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Biggest Vinted mistake to make that could cost you money according to selling expert

Biggest Vinted mistake to make that could cost you money according to selling expert

The Vinted seller opened up about making the 'huge mistake' when she first used the site

It's always nice to have a little extra cashola when it gets to the end of the month.

Well, thanks to second-hand marketplace Vinted, doing so is now easier than ever.

However, while there are a whole load of tips out there on what to do in order to have your sales flying out the door - there seems to be one specific thing you should never do when listing your pre-loved items.

The pretty major mistake, according to one selling expert, could end up costing you a pretty sizeable amount of dosh.

One mum, Lyndsay, who goes by the handle @lyndsay.and.the.girls online, took to TikTok to share her Vinted tips and the big no-no we should all be steering clear of.

She began by urging viewers: "Don't make the same mistake that I made when I started on Vinted."

It's not about photography angles, using haphazard packaging to send off your bits or even about the tags you use to list things.

One experienced Vinted seller shared her number one top tip.

Instead, it's all to do with postage settings.

"Before you make your first sale on Vinted, make sure you go into the settings, hit postage and check that the postage providers are ones you want to use," she continued while showing a screenrecording of all the options available to choose from.

Such options include Yodel, Evri, Royal Mail and InPost.

"You can turn off the ones that you don't," Lyndsay added.

She also shared a lengthy caption alongside the short clip telling viewers: "I ended up driving 30 minutes to the lockers which are nowhere near my house, which was a huge mistake."

She then reiterated the step-by-instructions of how to avoid a blunder like that in the future.

"Head to settings, hit postage and turn off all the postage providers you don't want to use," she explained.

"I've also got Royal Mail turned off as queues at our local post office can be lengthy and if you get the parcel size wrong, you'll be out of pocket too."

Lyndsay also shared that her 'usual provider' is Evri, 'with the occasional Yodel thrown in for good measure!'

She finished up: "Both are really quick and easy and have been no problem - so far!"

Thousands have since rushed in to share their thanks for the top tip with one TikTok user writing: "Thank you very much for this...done it and sorted as I would have had same problem!"

Another second added: "Thanks for the advice!"

Well, the more you know - eh?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lyndsay.and.the.girls/Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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