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Toad The French Bulldog Dresses Up As Different Character Every Day

Toad The French Bulldog Dresses Up As Different Character Every Day

Toad has already appeared as Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, Elton John and Dwight Shrute from The Office.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Dog lovers, this one's for you. Meet Toad the French bulldog, who is dressing up as a different famous character every day in October for a Halloween series.

Toad, from Dallas, Texas takes his dressing up very seriously. In fact, he's already appeared as Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, Elton John, MC Hammer, Napoleon Dynamite and Dwight Shrute from The Office.

Toad loves a Napoleon Dynamite tribute (

Toad's owner, Amy Herrington, 30, says: "My favourite one is the LaFawnduh one from Napoleon Dynamite.

"The way he looked down in the photo really captured Kip from the movie. We use silly characters from our favourite movies," Amy, an attorney, said.

"A lot of the clothes we buy are kids' clothing. We don't buy them as costumes."

Check out a few cute videos of him dressed up below:

Amy said she got Toad back in February, right before coronavirus lockdown happened.

Over their time stuck inside together, she bonded with the pup, and it wasn't long before she'd made him his own social media pages, so friends could check in on him.

"We got into making a fun little page while we stuck inside, trying the TikTok thing and Instagram.

Lobster or Toad? (

"My husband isn't as into it as me, but it takes two people. Someone has to hold onto a treat while we take the photos," she said.

Despite already having taken dozens of photos of Toad, Amy says she's yet to run out of great costume ideas.

Toad loves to dress up (

"We're gonna do Willy Nelson. We also have a blonde wig, so we're thinking of doing Regina George from Mean Girls," she added.

Now this we have to see. We bet he'd look so fetch.

Yep, it's a 'The Incredibles' feature (
Instagram/ @goodboy.toad)

Other costumes that Amy and her partner are considering are Mrs Doubtfire, a garden gnome and a Chia pet.

"My husband likes Lord of the Rings, so maybe we'll dress Toad up as Frodo as well," she laughed.

This The Sandlot tribute is too good (

What started off as a fun project has now turned into pretty successful influencer career for little Toad, should he ever wish to be a doggy blogger.

As a result of Amy's costuming and Toad's modelling expertise, Toad's fledgling Instagram page has already amassed over 13 thousand followers.

Toad as Mickey Mouse (

"Honestly, it's been really fun to see the Instagram grow," Amy mused. "I don't know if any of our posts could be considered viral, but we've had a few that got hundreds of thousands of views."

If you want to check out Toad's Insta for costume info, you can do so here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @goodboy.toad

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