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Woman shares genius 'burrito' hack that dries wet clothes 'in five minutes'

Woman shares genius 'burrito' hack that dries wet clothes 'in five minutes'

Although you don't get an actual burrito, you will get dry garments by doing this simple hack

A woman has shared a genius ‘burrito’ hack and while it has nothing to do with food, it will leave you with dry clothes ‘in five minutes’.

If you happen to be travelling and you don’t have a tumble dryer nearby or a clothes rack, this trick could be the perfect solution for drying your clothes quickly.

TikToker @neat.caroline shared a video on the app with the caption ‘how to dry clothes without a dryer’ and it has since gone viral.

All you need is a dry towel which needs to be laid down on the ground flat. Then you grab your wet garment and place it on top of the towel at the base.

Caroline uses a t-shirt for her example, but people in the comments tried other types of clothing.

Here comes the fun part and the meaning behind the burrito reference - Caroline rolls garment within the towel from the base until the entire garment has been rolled up.

She then presses down on the towel and garment by kneeling on it to wring out excess moisture.

Then you unroll the garment from the towel and hang it somewhere to dry, knowing that all the excess moisture has been ousted.

Caroline says that the garment should dry within ‘a couple of hours’ rather than ‘overnight’ if you waited for it to dry in the non-burrito way.

But if you’re pressed for time, Caroline says you should simply grab a hair dryer and use it on the garment.

However, make sure to be very carefull when using a hairdryer close to wet clothes or with wet hands.

Lots of people weighed in on the method, with some people claiming it worked perfectly for them.

“Tried it with joggers and it worked,” one viewer shared.

“I tried it with my shorts and it worked but it’s wet a little bit because it was very wet,” someone else claimed.

“Saved my life before game day,” a grateful athlete penned, while another said: “Thx I was almost late for school.”

All you need is a dry towel.

In related laundry news, a woman shocked TikTok after admitting that she doesn't wash her pyjamas after sleeping in them once.

It turns out that's a controversial view, though, and I know that thanks to TikToker Allison Delperdang, who took to the platform to ask her followers' opinions on pyjama etiquette as an adult.

"I need to know if people wear pyjamas, like, multiple nights in a row," she said, revealing the button-up shirt she's been sleeping in.

Allison indicated that it might be pretty common for kids to wear the same pyjamas for days on end, but continued: "I’ve worn these, like, three nights in a row. So I need to know if, like, as adults, we’re still doing that, or should I be literally making dirty clothes every single night?"

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@neat.caroline

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