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How often do you wash your pyjamas? After every time you wear them? Once a week? How about once a month?

Apparently, anything other than the first option is enough to spark outrage.

I have to admit, I think after every single sleep seems like a lot. To make that work you'd either have to have a very good supply of pyjamas, or run your washing machine almost every day - and with bills still through the roof, there's really no need to have it on more than necessary.

How often do you change your pyjamas?
Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels

It turns out that's a controversial view, though, and I know that thanks to TikToker Allison Delperdang, who took to the platform to ask her followers' opinions on pyjama etiquette as an adult.

"I need to know if people wear pyjamas, like, multiple nights in a row," she said, revealing the button-up shirt she's been sleeping in.

Allison indicated that it might be pretty common for kids to wear the same pyjamas for days on end, but continued: "I’ve worn these, like, three nights in a row. So I need to know if, like, as adults, we’re still doing that, or should I be literally making dirty clothes every single night?"

As I've already explained, I think this is a pretty acceptable move. Obviously, it would vary if you have a particularly sweaty night's sleep, or spill your morning brew on yourself, but generally, I'd have said you're fine for a few days before the pyjamas need to be rotated.


According to TikTokers, though, I am wrong.

After watching Allison's video, some viewers seemed slightly horrified to learn she wasn't washing her pyjamas after every wear.

In response to Allison asking whether other people were wearing their pyjamas for days on end, one person responded: "No, because I am wearing them for 8+ hours, they just don't feel clean."

Another agreed, adding: "Always fresh every night. Also only use a towel once. Same with my kids."

"No! When you sleep you sweat. Why would I wear that again?" a third asked.

Thankfully, there were some people around to make me feel better about my pyjama-wearing habits.

"I wear them for like a week straight haha I hate doing laundry," one follower responded to Allison's video.

Another confused person asked: "Wait. There [are] people that DON'T wear PJs multiple nights in a row???"

Of course, there is one quick and simple solution to this pyjama debate, and that's to ditch them altogether and embrace naked sleeping. As long as you're comfortable, you do you!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/allisondelperdang

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