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17 brides furious as wedding singer gives excuses like ‘neighbour being dead’ to not perform on big day

17 brides furious as wedding singer gives excuses like ‘neighbour being dead’ to not perform on big day

Brides have spoken out about their experiences as warnings to others

A wedding singer has been accused of causing chaos for more than a dozen brides by coming up with excuses to cancel his appearances on their big days.

Bride Charlotte Hadley learned she wasn't the only one affected by the alleged actions of the singer, who is from Brighton, East Sussex, after she booked him for her wedding in Ibiza in September 2022.

Charlotte and Rob tied the knot in 2022.
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Charlotte handed over £1,000 to book him in, but just weeks before the wedding the singer called to say he'd lost his passport, and couldn't make his appointment to get a new one because someone had been hit by a train.

‌Eight days before the big day, a furious Charlotte told the singer not to bother coming any more, leaving her scrambling to find entertainment at the last minute.

"The closer we got, something wasn't right," she said. "He called and my heart dropped and he said he'd lost his passport. I went into panic mode. I was absolutely seething.

"I either risked not having anyone at all or cancelled. I was too angry to call. I text saying it was best that we cancel because I couldn't run the risk of him not turning up on the day."

Furious, Charlotte took to Facebook to share her experience and claims 16 other brides reached out with disastrous stories of their own.

Brides shared their own experiences with the singer.
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One wrote: "Just a warning. Do not book [name redacted]. He will take your money and ignore you. He took our money and didn't turn up to our wedding."

Another Facebook user, who works as a wedding photographer, recalled another of the excuses the singer had apparently given, saying: "So I did a wedding where he contacted the bride the morning of the wedding and told her that his next door neighbour who was also a very close friend had been found dead (they think suicide) and he couldn't attend the wedding."

Charlotte was also allegedly told by her wedding planner that the singer had cancelled on another one of her clients two days before their wedding due to a friend suffering from cancer.

"It's the most important day of people's lives," Charlotte said. "I want to call him out because I don't want any bride to go through the weeks worth of tears I did and ruin the run up the wedding.

"If you work in the wedding industry, you turn up no matter what. One of these reasons could be plausible, but not all of them."

When asked about the various cancellations, the singer admitted there are 'quite a few people [he's] let down'.

He insisted he 'had lost [his] passport' ahead of Charlotte's wedding, and that there was 'an issue' on his train on the day of his passport appointment.

He said he later told Charlotte he'd received his passport, but she said she 'couldn't sit back and wait' for him to turn up.

"I offered to find her a replacement for the music myself. I didn't want to leave her high and dry and I wouldn't have because my passport turned up. She got refunded and everything as well," he said.

Charlotte celebrated her big day in Ibiza.
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The singer also insisted someone he knew had been diagnosed with cancer, but added: "I don't want people to think I'm playing the sympathy card.

"For various reasons my communication skills are horrendous sometimes," he admitted.

"Some weddings I've been late to, I don't know if there's 16 people I've cancelled on. There has been legitimate reasons. I've lost two really important people."

The singer also claimed he 'can't remember' a wedding where he didn't turn up without first contacting the bride and groom.

The singer has since stopped taking bookings because the work 'got a bit too much'.

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