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Wedding Photographer Shares The One Mistake To Avoid Making In Your Wedding Photos

Wedding Photographer Shares The One Mistake To Avoid Making In Your Wedding Photos

Anna Bass, a UK and destination wedding photographer, took to TikTok to share her expert advice - and it's invaluable.

A wedding photographer has shared the one mistake couples need to avoid making in their wedding photos – and it’s a really simple fix.

Watch her advice below:

UK and destination wedding photographer Anna Bass took to TikTok to share her expert advice, urging couples to look at each other and not their officiant while saying their vows.

The photography expert began: "OK, so many people have a tendency to do this and you absolutely do not want to because one, it takes a personal touch out of it, and two, you can really see it in your pictures.

"So, when it comes to saying your vows, while a lot of people tend to do is, you're standing there, holding hands will face your officiant.

"Do not do this," she insisted.

Anna said that couples should look at each other not their officiant when saying 'I do'.

"When you say your vows, and they say, 'repeat after me', look to your partner, look at your partner, look them in the eyes."

Adding: "Otherwise, you're left with a kind of half facing them, half looking at them, repeating the words back to your officiant. It doesn't look great.

"Your vows are to your partner so say them to them."

The video, which has been viewed almost 40,000 times, attracted a flood of comments from bride-to-be’s thanking her for her helpful titbit and others saying how they did the same on their big day.

One penned: "Ok that’s actually really good advice. I hadn’t thought of that yet."

Brides thanked the photographer for the titbit.

"Me and my partner made sure to face each other when saying our vows and we both ended up crying," another commented.

A third wrote: "omg I did this. our registrar said we can say to each other lol."

A former bride admitted that she wished she had known about this and lamented: "I wish I did this haha! My pics look crap during the ceremony".

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/AnnaBassPhotography

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