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Former wedding co-ordinator claims she's so hot grooms hit on her on their big day

Former wedding co-ordinator claims she's so hot grooms hit on her on their big day

The former wedding planner says she even caught the eye of one bride

A woman who used to work as a wedding planner says she’s so attractive that grooms would hit on her while she was planning their nuptials — and it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘don’t tell the bride’.

Nova Jewels used to work full-time helping couples plan their dream day, but says she’s been able to ditch her old job, where she earned £1,500 a month, thanks to OnlyFans where she now pulls in £4,000 a month.

But prior to her career change, the 26-year-old told The Sun that while planning people's weddings she would often have grooms making a move on her and once even caught the eye of a bride.

She said: "When I was a wedding coordinator, I had grooms message me asking me to be their stripper for their stag do.

"Or they would tell me they wish I was walking down the aisle to them instead of coordinating the wedding. Or the best men were usually the ones to let slip that the groom couldn’t stop talking about me.

"I’ve also had a bride say I made her want to be gay."

Nova worked as a wedding coordinator before joining OnlyFans.

She went on: "I’d be lying if I said it didn’t turn me on. It used to give me such a thrill, I would just giggle and go along with it and then get back to planning the wedding."

Since joining OnlyFans Nova says she’s had numerous unusual requests, including one regular who pays her just shy of £100 to watch her have a wee.

"I never expected to turn 26 years old and literally be able to make money just by going for a 30 second pee,” she told The Sun.

She’s also turned her hand to ‘sloshing’ — where someone covers themselves in food and makes an almighty mess, but says she’s since given up on that due to the amount of clearing up involved. Fair enough.


Nova is now one of Scotland’s top OnlyFans content creators and has previously told The Sun how working on the platform has made her more open-minded.

She said: “I have always been an open-minded person but since I’ve become an OnlyFans model and cam girl I’m as open-minded as they come.”

Nova went on to admit that even the slightly-off-the-wall requests she receives don’t phase her.

Featured Image Credit: @novajewelsofficial/Instagram

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