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Mum Shares Genius Tip On Applying Suncream To Kids

Mum Shares Genius Tip On Applying Suncream To Kids

Potentially life changing?

After several weeks of drizzly and miserable weather, the good old British summer is finally ready to kick in.

Over the next few weeks, temperatures are expected to rise to the mid to high twenties, with blue skies and very bright sunshine.

But naturally, warm, sunny weather tends to come hand in hand with sunburn if you’re not careful, resulting in red and sore skin and even blisters in some cases.

It can be difficult to get young children to wait while you put suncream on their delicate skin, especially if they’re eager to go and play in the garden.

But one mum has shown the best way to get suncream on your children quickly and easily – and we can’t believe we never thought of it before.

Watch the video below.


California-based mum Lauren Mejia, 26, has taken to TikTok to reveal simple and affordable hacks for new parents to deal with the day to day difficulties of being a mum.

Lauren recommends using a make-up brush to apply sun lotion on a child’s face – a trick she has always used on her one-year-old son, Broxton.

A makeup brush is the easiest way to apply sunscreen into all those small areas like their ears/nose,” she writes in the caption.

The TikTok star says using a brush helps apply suncream (
Jam Press)

The video, which has since been watched more than 2.9 million times, also sees Lauren suggest using a handheld fan to cool off hot food, as well as using baking soda to neutralise bad smells in bins.

In another video, the mum shows how she uses a hot knife to cut plastic sandwich bags in half – making two smaller bags for snacks.

The brilliant trick will cut down on wastage and makes it easier for the kids to share, without anyone getting upset.

This allows suncream to be applied simply and effectively - and without any tears! (
Jam Press)

“I learned baby hacks from browsing on Pinterest and through trial and error in being a mom,” Lauren told Jam Press.

“Although I have worked with children for a very long time, I felt that being a mom was an entirely different experience that I had to learn to navigate.

“I thought that if they were helpful to me, it would be great to be able to share with other parents as well!

“It is always so motivating to continue to make content when I see other moms using my hacks."

Lauren's post has racked up over 337,000 likes on TikTok and 2.9 million views so far.

“Genius,” said one person.

Lauren is glad her mum hacks are helpful (

“I am shook!" added someone else.

“This is amazing,” wrote a third viewer.

Other mums also shared their own baby hacks, building on what Lauren did in her video.

“The sunscreen one works even better with a beauty blender,” recommended one viewer.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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