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Mum shares genius hack that guarantees a lie-in

Mum shares genius hack that guarantees a lie-in

The ‘hack’ prompted a fair bit of debate online, with some agreeing it was ‘genius’, while others argued it was cruel

A mum has shared a ‘genius’ hack that guarantees a lie-in even when you’ve got a little one to look after – although admittedly it is a little sly.

Any parent will know just how hard it is to catch up on sleep when you have children, whether it’s thanks to the constant feeds of a newborn, the early wake-ups of a toddler or the relentless worrying of a teen.

But one woman reckons she’s got the perfect trick to ensure a good night’s kip... well, a better one, at least.

The mum wrote in to LuAnna: The Podcast, hosted by The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman and presenter Anna Williamson.

“I’ve never told anyone this, but my husband and I came to an arrangement when we had our first child that I would do the night feeds, and he would wake up around 5.30am to take our baby girl downstairs for her morning feed, leaving me to get a few hours’ uninterrupted rest before he starts work for the day.

“Around 10 weeks, baby girl dropped her night feeds and I had a blissful sleep.”

Williamson chimed in: “Woohoo!”


Zissman then continued to read out the message, saying: “Plus... additional lie-in time most days after telling my husband how AWFUL my night had been and him thanking me for being so quiet as he had no idea it was such a struggle."

Laughing, Williamson said the evil plan was ‘genius’, with Zissman sharing the final part of the message: "I don't regret it at all. Ladies, we go through enough - let the men have some of the load! Much love, a well-rested mumma.”

She then added: “Winning at mum life!”

In the caption, the podcasters added: “This is the best mum hack EVER. Ladies… do what you’ve gotta do!”


After the clip was posted on TikTok, the ‘hack’ prompted a fair bit of debate online, with some agreeing it was ‘genius’, while others argued it was cruel.

One wrote: “I would totally still do morning feeds, but I would be pretty upset if my wife led me on. Honesty is best policy.”

Someone else said: “Our kid used to wake up in the night. I would poke my husband and say ‘your turn’ as if I’d been up already. I’ve never told him I never got up at all.”

A third wrote: “I’m so doing this if/when I have a baby! Genius idea!!!!”

A fourth added: “Imagine your baby sleeping through at 10 weeks. Mine is almost a year and still doesn’t most of the time.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok@everything_luanna/Pexels

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