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Woman praised for painting her kitchen appliances pink

Woman praised for painting her kitchen appliances pink

"Someone has said to me my home is a mature pink Barbie cottage"

A woman who turned her home into a pastel pink palace has been praised for painting her own appliances, with many suggesting they're going to do the same.

Sophia Ferrari-Wills, 35, has built up more than 350,000 followers on Instagram by sharing the renovation of her 1960s cottage, which she bought with her husband Chris, 42.

After bagging the property in 2019, the mum-of-two got to work on transforming every room into her fairytale vision for a 'pastel whimsical home'.

Although she's gone for a range of colours, the primary theme, as you'll see by the pictures, is pink.

But rather than shelling out thousands of pounds to get bespoke appliances and furniture, Sophia shops around for bargains and paints many of the pieces herself, including the toilet.

As such, she believes the family has saved up to £10,000.

Sophia began posting about her home renovation on Instagram in 2020 as she continued to work on the place, and soon people were flocking to her page.

So much so that a year later, she packed in her full-time job as a midwife to pursue interior influencing.

The home is now kitted out with a mermaid bathroom, a forest playroom, an ice cream office and a tree house for her daughters, Clemmie, four, and Minnie, 20 months, to enjoy.

The whole house has been transformed with pastel colours.

Sophia, from Cambridge, said: "I'm a magpie for pastel and candy style things. I am a girlie girl and pink always ties in with other colours as a neutral.

"I use it in every single room and layer with other shades. I've always been creative, but lockdown gave me the chance to completely overhaul.

"I am a midwife health visitor and I used to take inspiration from other people's homes.

"I had a complete career change and still do the odd bank shift but at the moment I'm focusing on decorating and content creating."

Now, you might be wondering about Chris, who works as a sales manager, and what he thinks about living in a pink-filled palace - but Sophia explained that he's totally into her vision.

Sophia's family are totally on board with the colour scheme.

"When I first met Chris, he was wearing a pink jumper, he loves the happy vibe and encourages me to explore my creativity," she said.

“Delivery drivers have asked to come in and have a look at the home because they’re intrigued by the colourful shutters and pink front door.

“People who visit are always very complimentary and amazed... Someone has said to me my home is a mature pink Barbie cottage."

Sophia continues to post about her ongoing DIY project, receiving thousands of comments from people who appreciate her 'how to' videos.

Replying to a clip in which she demonstrates how she painted her bathroom toilet pink, one person wrote: "I have been waiting for someone to paint their toilet pink on here... now I can justify doing it."

Even the toilet's pink.

"Oh wow so cool," said another. "I wanted to buy a new sink and toilet in pink for my pink and green bathroom, I might try this."

In another post showing the lilac and pink kitchen, a follower said: "This gives me so much hope for buying a house with an ugly kitchen."

A second wrote: "I love how much fun you have with your home, it’s amazing to see someone brave enough to create the wild ideas in their head - and pull them off."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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