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Woman lives in incredible all-pink house because she 'hates dull shades'

Woman lives in incredible all-pink house because she 'hates dull shades'

Heather has ADHD and said pink is her comfort colour

A Scottish mum has revealed that she hates dull shades so much, she decided to paint her house entirely pink.

Heather Craig, 35, explained that her four-bedroomed home initially had beige and white walls when she and husband Brian, 42, first moved in five years ago - but they are long gone.

Now, every room in the house is painted a different shade of pink, including the outside.

Take a look at the colourful home below:

However, it wasn't plain sailing for Heather when she initially decided to colour her home pink, as her husband wasn't keen at first.

That's why she started out small by firstly painting her kitchen units pink and transforming her downstairs toilet into the colour gold.

Her husband was impressed with the results, and with the help of some Pinterest boards, Heather got the green light from Brian to make her pink dreams a reality.

"I love it - it feels lovely and cheerful," she said of her home. "I always feel happy and relaxed."

Heather said her home always feels cheerful.

Heather explained that she has ADHD, and the neurological condition can cause people with it to have a favourite, comfort colour, which in her case is pink.

She said: "I have always loved pink since I was a little kid. For every room, pink is my starting point and then I introduce other colours on top.

"My husband wasn't persuaded at first, but I told him 'it's just a light red' and he doesn't even notice it anymore."

Heather also had to win around her two children - Rosie, seven, and Olive, five.

"My children roll their eyes at me like mummy's painting the walls pink again," she said.

"Olive was against all the pink at first - I think she was trying to rebel."

One of her children wasn't in favour of the pink to begin with.

She explained that each room in her house is pink in some way, revealing that she opted for a bright Barbie pink in her living room and a more subtle light pink us used in her daughter Rosie's bedroom.

"If it is your favourite colour you might as well use it everywhere," Heather, who works as an early years practitioner, said.

The mum-of-two explained that her house was actually pink back in the 1980s, and when she began transforming it again, the remnants were revealed.

However, despite being a fan of bold colour choices in her home, Heather is against statement walls.

"Those three blank walls are doing nothing, and it looks unfinished," she said.

Heather isn't a fan of statement walls.

Heather has now offered advice to others considering a similar bold look for their homes, explaining that brighter is almost alway better.

She said: "I would never go down a shade - if you love a colour stick to it, or even go bolder.

"If you knock it back two or three shades you will get a wishy-washy look."

You can keep up with Heather's home and colourful tips on Instagram.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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