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​Self-Isolating Mum Creates £30 DIY Toy Kitchen For Her Daughter

​Self-Isolating Mum Creates £30 DIY Toy Kitchen For Her Daughter

We wish we had this woman's patience and creativity.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Not being able to go out much right now - thanks to the coronavirus pandemic - has left some of us slobbing in front of the TV (guilty), but for others it's really brought out their creative sides.

Stuck at home and running of ideas on how to keep her daughter entertained, one mum on a budget decided instead to build her daughter something to play with.

Loren used an old unit to create the kitchen (

Loren Armstrong, 27, decided to create an incredible play kitchen for daughter Olivia, two, which cost her just £30.

She wanted her little one to have fun, keep learning and have a special gift for her birthday, but the kitchens online were way too pricey.

Because of isolation, the mum from Kent had all the time in the world to create the masterpiece, which was made from an old unit - and it's left her daughter extremely happy.

We're not surprised, it looks epic (and much cooler than shop-bought ones).

The finished product cost Loren just £30 (

Loren, who works in retail, told that she was initially going to chuck the old unit, but realised it was a waste, so used Pinterest to inspire her on how to turn it into a play area for her daughter.

To finish it on even more of a budget, she used tester pots of paint - since hardware stores are still open - and bits and bobs she found around the house.

"I already had the white paint, tools, glue and sandpaper," the mum explained. "I bought tester pots of pink paint from B&Q.

"I took sample wallpaper for free for the tiles."

She went on: "I sanded the unit, and then painted and attached all the wallpaper and accessories.

"The sink bowl and accessories were from IKEA and the tap was made from a p-trap from the plumbing department which I sprayed with silver paint.

"The oven door I sprayed with paint and used black gloss DC-fix to make the hob and glass effect on the door."

It was a bargain at £30 and Loren is delighted with how the toy kitchen turned out.

"My daughter loves it," she said.

"My main tips would be to use Pinterest, look round for things you have already in the house.

Loren had some spare time on her hands whilst isolating at home (

"Not only is it better recycling rather than buying new, but the fact that this was made instead of just taken from a shop is more thoughtful.

"I want to teach my daughter that the small things people do are much more valuable than a big expensive gift."

And boy is she right. If nothing else, isolating is teaching us that we splash cash on way too much stuff usually and that material things really aren't everything.

What a great idea to keep you (initially) and then your children busy while we're all having to spend our time inside the house.

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