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People Are Loving This Simple Trick To Get Wax Out Of An Old Candle

People Are Loving This Simple Trick To Get Wax Out Of An Old Candle

And it works like magic.

Candles can be the centrepiece of your home space – and we can’t help but cling onto pretty candle jars long after we’ve stopped lighting them.

Sometimes we’ve wished we could just keep hold of the jar and use them for something else, but the pesky leftover wax stops it from being usable.

Well, one savvy TikToker has shown us there’s a super-simple and mess-free way to remove wax from a candle – and it’s genius.

You can watch the video below.


TikTok user @sharina5280 demonstrated to remove any wax from a candle, all you need to do is use a freezer and a little bit of patience.

And viewers couldn’t believe just how well the hack worked, flocking to the comments to express their shock.

“This is a good idea!” one person wrote.

“Cool trick!” said a second.

One TikTok user shows an easy way to get wax out (

“Shut the front door, that’s amazing!” a third agreed.

It should be noted that this only works with candles with paraben in them – otherwise, there is another method you can try (but it is a lot messier!).

All you need to do is simply boil a kettle of water, and place your candle on a hot pad or towel.

Carefully pour the boiling water into the jar, and watch how the leftover wax melts and rises to the top of the jar.

Wait for the leftover wax to cool, and then pop it out of the top of the jar.

Now, the empty jar can be used to store things! (
TikTok - @sharina5280)

A quick rinse and the jar should be as good as new, ready to hold whatever trinkets you so wish!

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok - jemimajune_

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