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You Can Now Get Swizzels Scented Candles And They're Only A Pound

You Can Now Get Swizzels Scented Candles And They're Only A Pound

The Food Warehouse are selling a scented candle range based on Swizzels sweets.

Charlotte Forrester

Charlotte Forrester

If you're feeling nostalgic for those iconic Swizzels products that you used to have at the school disco, then you can now bring them into your home in the form of a scented candle!

The Food Warehouse have launched a range of candles inspired by the Swizzels sweet flavours and even better, you can get one for just £1! Bargain!

The scented candles come in a range of scents like Drumstick Squashies (
The Food Warehouse)

There are four types of the sweet scents available for you to light after a stressful day. You'll recognise all of these classics from your childhood.

But don't worry, your living room isn't going to look like a pick 'n' mix.

While the packaging may be bold and colourful, reminiscent of the Swizzels sweet wrappers, the candles themselves are in ridged, glass containers with pastel coloured wax.

You can get a sweetly-scented candle for just a pound. (
The Food Warehouse)

They say that the sense of smell is the strongest and most linked to memory. If Drumstick Squashies were a tuck shop favourite back in the day, then there's the red wax candle that will be a raspberry reminder for you.

EOr have you ever give a not-so-subtle Love Heart that read "BE MINE" to your school crush? Then the Swizzels Love Hearts Scented Candle is probably your best shout to try out.

It's National Parma Violets Day next month and you can light one of these to celebrate (
The Food Warehouse)

Okay, we know Parma Violets are a little more controversial in terms of public opinion, but if you have the refined taste for loving these fizzy, purple discs (or even the tattoo to prove it!) then The Food Warehouse have a matching candle for that too.

Plus, 26th June is actually National Parma Violets Day so this would be the perfect celebration. This year's also extra special because it's 75 years since Parma Violets were first invented!

There's basically a whole pick 'n' mix of these candles (
The Food Warehouse)

For those that love an oldie but a goodie treat though, the Swizzels Rainbow Drops Scented Candle is the way to go. It's a gentle orange wax that will take you back to the days of a crinkly paper bag filled with chewy, multi-coloured orbs.

Plus, they're all a quid each at The Food Warehouse so that definitely sweetens the deal.

Now, I'm going to go keep my fingers crossed that a Refreshers one is on the way soon too.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: The Food Warehouse

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