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People Are Transforming Their Wardrobes Using IKEA Storage Units

People Are Transforming Their Wardrobes Using IKEA Storage Units

Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out!

IKEA flatpack has gotten a glow up as keen decorators are turning their PAX wardrobes into the dream walk-in wardrobes. Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out.

The PAX wardrobe unit comes in a variety of combinations, and is designed to be customised for your room and your needs. And some of these customised designs have got us rushing to our nearest IKEA to order our fancy new wardrobe styles...

The ultimate walk-in wardrobe has us reaching for the flat pack (

The PAX wardrobes range in style and offer options including shoe storage, multiple drawers and even the perfect place to showcase designer handbags. Like one Instagram account which shows off Kate Spade bags in style thanks to their PAX wardrobes.

These dreamy wardrobe styles have sent Instagram wild, as everyone wants to know how to get the same look themselves at home.

The perfect place to show off your wardrobe. (

The journey to getting a bespoke PAX IKEA wardrobe complete with custom storage, begins with a trip to everyone's favourite Scandi furniture store. IKEA offers shoppers the change to buy ready-made PAX interiors, or to plan out their designs using the IKEA’s PAX Planner.

The customisation extends to choosing sliding doors or hinged, and even to what handles adorn wardrobe doors.

The different takes on the wardrobes have caught the eye of many, especially interiors accounts and fans on Instagram.

Interior goals. (

One user commented: "Wowzers! I need this dressing room!!"

Another said: "Dressing room goals". Yep, we feel you.

Getting this luxurious style doesn't have to cost the world either.

Groups like Ikea hackers have made it easy for all of us to upgrade our flatpack furniture and get the expensive look we've been lusting after - without spending thousands.

The Ikea Hackers website has over 120 hacks relating to the PAX wardrobes, covering everything from decorating and styling the doors to incorporating a home office into the wardrobe system including a fold down desk.

We're feeling inspired, meet you at IKEA yeah?!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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