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You Couldn't Sleep Last Night Because It Was The Hottest On Record

You Couldn't Sleep Last Night Because It Was The Hottest On Record

In some areas, temperatures didn't fall below 25 degrees.

If you couldn't get much sleep last night (18 July), you probably weren't the only one - and there's a perfectly good, though slightly terrifying, explanation for it.

According to the Met Office, last night may have been the warmest night on record, as an unprecedented heatwave blazes across the UK.

Through Monday night into the early hours of Tuesday morning, there were some areas that didn't fall below 25C.

The heatwave is in full swing.

Before this, the record for highest night time temperature had been 23.9C back in August 1990.

The Met Office issued a red heat warning for England for yesterday (18 July) and today (19 July), with temperatures reaching the high thirties in some areas.

This is the first time a red heat warning has been issued and it carries a health risk to everyone in the UK, not just those who are typically more vulnerable to heat or those with existing medical conditions.

Extremely high temperatures could lead to 'population-wide adverse health effects' and a 'high risk of failure of heat-sensitive systems and equipment'.

This could potentially mean power cuts, and a loss of other vital services such as water could be on the horizon.

Have you been struggling to sleep in the heat? (

If you're one of the many who has been struggling to sleep amid soaring temperatures, then we might just have the hack for you.

TikToker Millie Warder went viral last week when she shared the £15 hack that keeps her cool at night.

The ‘life-saving’ hack is safe, requires no electricity or water, and is non-toxic, according to B&M.

Of course, fellow TikTokers quickly took to the comments to share their own elation with the summer hack, with one user writing: “I use one as a pillow too! It’s really nice in the summer.”

“We have it, we have the biggest size,” another echoed of the tip, while a different social media user advised others: “It works better after you’ve put it in the fridge for a few mins.”

Someone else added of the tip, which they’ve sworn by for a lifetime: “Had one of these for years, life saver, I swear.”

Temperatures are expected to cool slightly from Wednesday.

That's us sold. Anything that cools us down from this heat is a total winner.

Temperatures are expected to cool down slightly from Wednesday (20 July) onwards, with the potential for heavy showers to develop in the east and southeast of the UK.

More showers, as well as thunderstorms, are expected to prevail in patches from Friday and into the weekend, though temperatures will likely remain high.

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