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Woman Delivers Her Baby On The Toilet After Shock Pregnancy

Woman Delivers Her Baby On The Toilet After Shock Pregnancy

No way???

This new mum has shared her absolutely staggering birth story with her TikTok followers, after 'pulling' her baby out while sitting on the toilet.

TikToker Teagan (@teaganbrill) was left in total shock when she discovered she was pregnant just one week before she was due to give birth. And was left in even more disbelief when she found herself delivering her own baby during a late-night trip to the bathroom.

Watch her tell the shocking tale here:

Some viewers were understandably pretty horrified when they heard Teagan's story.

One commented "i did not need to see this omg my anxiety".

A second joked: "I do not claim this energy".

Others rushed to the comments section to ask every question they could think of.

One shocked follower wrote: "HOW DID YOU NOT SCREAM FOR YOUR ROOMMATES".

"YOU PULLED HIM OUT!?!!??" asked another.

A third wrote: "This is truly the scariest thing I have ever heard."

However, one viewer noted: "Lotta these commenters underestimating the power of Being In Shock".

Thankfully, Teagan's baby is happy and healthy. (

Some viewers were in such a state of shock that all they could do was laugh at Teagan's story.

One joked: "if this happened to me i would simply put him back in."

Trying to lighten the mood, another commented: "Girl u saved SO much money".

Thankfully, Teagan's baby Owen is happy and healthy now, which she confirmed in some of her other TikTok videos.

Seeing an opportunity and taking it right away, one TikTok follower asked Teagan: "Did you name him Owen because when you found out you were pregnant you were like 'oh?When?'"

Viewers couldn't help but make light of the situation. (

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While the story sounds like something straight out of Jane The Virgin, Dani Morin's pregnancy story is entirely true - and it has delighted TikTok users.

Dani's pregnancy story time video has been viewed 1.3 million times and has more than 57,400 likes, with many women sharing their own pregnancy stories and congratulating Dani for becoming a mum.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@teaganbrill

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