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Woman Falls Pregnant After Inseminating Herself At Home

Gregory Robinson

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Woman Falls Pregnant After Inseminating Herself At Home

Featured Image Credit: @danimorin_/Instagram

TikTok users love everything about babies and pregnancies. One mum left people on the app stunned after sharing how she inseminated herself at home after she was "willing to do anything" to become a mum.

Watch the TikTok below:


While the story sounds like something straight out of Jane The Virgin, Dani Morin's pregnancy story is entirely true - and it has delighted TikTok users.

Dani's pregnancy story time video has been viewed 1.3 million times and has more than 57,400 likes, with many women sharing their own pregnancy stories and congratulating Dani for becoming a mum.

One mum commented: “I’m not able to have kids, but decided to foster to adopt. Who needs a man? Single mom life!”

Another mum shared her story on how she became a parent. She said: “My oldest was a one hit wonder. Second took two tries. Third took four. I learned so much for the internet.”

Some women said they were considering going down the same route as Dani, with one woman writing: “Me in a few years probably”.

Dani shares pictures with her Son Rhett online (Credit: @danimorin_/TikTok
Dani shares pictures with her Son Rhett online (Credit: @danimorin_/TikTok

Someone else added: “Im gonna do this at 33. I already have a house, car, established career will give myself till 34 but if I get there and still single [I] will do it.”

Another TikTok user said they were also considering become a single mum by choice (SMBC). “Yessss!!! I got this girl," said a woman in the comments section. "I am highly considering the SMBC route myself in the future. [Financially/emotionally] stable, enjoying the mom life w/just me & my baby”.

While one woman, who just started planning to have children, said: “I finally started my journey! A million thank you’s is not enough!”

Some Jane The Virgin fans in Dani’s comments likened her story to the character Petra Solano, who also inseminated herself at home.

Dani, who posts on the video sharing app as @danimorin13, calls herself a mum content creator and a "single mum by choice" on her website.

She's also a child safety advocate and a breastfeeding clothing designer. The 34-year-old from Newport Beach, California often shares adorable pictures and videos of her son Rhett on social media.

But there is a heartbreaking backstory to Dani's decision to inseminate herself to have her second child. "Most people know me from TikTok as that mom who DIY-ed her own baby at home but there is a backstory," Dani tells Tyla.

Dani shared her insemination story on TikTok (Credit: @danimorin/TikTok)
Dani shared her insemination story on TikTok (Credit: @danimorin/TikTok)

"After years of going through it getting help and getting my own life back I decided it was time to meet someone but to be honest I was more interested in having a baby and I wasn’t interested in the men I was dating so I did research and decided to try out home insemination I was not expecting it to work on the first try."

Dani also revealed details about the process of insemination and choosing the right sperm donor. "I went online and ordered sperm after looking for a few months," she explained.

"The sperm banks are kinda built like dating apps except you don’t see adult photos typically only baby photos or none at all.

"Then it came in a tank about four days prior to me ovulating I tracked my ovulation with ovulation strips and when I got my first positive, I waited 12 hours and did the insemination process - which is just a small little syringe looking device much smaller than a tampon so it’s not painful at all.

"I waited 30 minutes and went to work. Now it’s recommended that women do it again in 12 more hours but since it was just my practice run I only ordered one vial and it worked to my surprise."

Who doesn't love a heartwarming DIY story!

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Gregory Robinson
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