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Tyla Bakes: These Biscoff Banana Bars Are So Easy To Make

Tyla Bakes: These Biscoff Banana Bars Are So Easy To Make

Well, these look very dreamy indeed.

There's a mega delicious Biscoff recipe doing the rounds on TikTok and it's so easy.

Created by @cookingwithayeh, say hello to Biscoff Banana Bars - tasty snacks packed with Biscoff spread, peanuts, chocolate sauce and crunchy Biscoff biscuits.

Demonstrating exactly how to make the bars, @cookingwithayeh shared a very handy video, which you can watch below:

So how can you make them yourself? Well, Ayeh explains, to begin, you'll need: a banana, Biscoff spread, Biscoff biscuits, chopped peanuts and melted chocolate - or, chocolate sauce also works.

First off, you'll need to peel your banana and chop it in half and then chop it in half again, but lengthways this time.

Then, simply coat in Biscoff spread, sprinkle on some chopped peanuts and drizzle on the melted chocolate. Next, crush up some Biscoff biscuits and sprinkle on top of each banana bar to finish!

Finally, pop in the freezer to set - and voila! The bars are complete.

Easy, right?

The bars are drizzled with chocolate (

And people are obsessed with the recipe, with one person commenting: "Love it! Obsessed with Biscoff! Thanks to you!"

While another said: "I've made these but with almond butter instead of Biscoff. Got to try this with Biscoff now."

And a third added: "Ok these look so good!"

We cannot wait to try these ourselves!

They look so easy! (

In last week's Tyla Bakes, we told you how people are making Kinder Crepe Rolls. The recipe involves placing a full Kinder bar in the centre of a crepe pancake before rolling up and drizzling with melted Nutella.


And people are loving it. One person enthusiastically commented: “I JUST ATE AND NOW YOU'RE MAKING ME MORE HUNGRY”.

Another TikTok user also made a tempting suggestion: “Add Nutella on it before you fold it in half trust me”.

That sounds epic. You can read more about the chocolatey delights here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cookingwithayeh

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