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Emma Willis says blended up Christmas dinner is delicious

Emma Willis says blended up Christmas dinner is delicious

This is certainly an unusual way to eat your Christmas dinner.

When it comes to Christmas dinner, we all have our preferences.

Some people like their turkey drowning in gravy, others prefer cranberry sauce, and if you're Emma Willis, you might just choose to have yours blended up.

Yes, turns out that blended Christmas dinner isn't just for babies, and the TV presenter, 46, has insisted that it's delicious.

Willis made the revelation while promoting The Voice Kids alongside her co-hosts, Danny Jones, Pixie Lott, and newcomer Ronan Keating.

They decided to reflect on their Christmas memories over the years and the mum of three didn't hold back when it came to her very unusual Christmas dinner.

She told The Metro: "I never had a bad Christmas, even when I had nothing, my mum figured out a way to get us toys, whatever she could afford.

"Christmas to me was like always, to this day, a very awesome experience, now that I'm vegan I can't eat everything I used to so that's a hard one."

Emma insists that blended up Christmas dinner is delicious.
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Despite having three children, she explained that she had the blended dinner not because they were babies and she wanted to have some herself, but because she had tonsillitis.

She said: "I once had tonsillitis at Christmas, so I blended my Christmas dinner.

"It was f**king delicious."

This prompted Lott to add: "Like a Christmas dinner shake?"

It was then that Willis finally made the baby food comparison, stating: "Like baby food."

Former Boyzone star Ronan Keating also opened up about joining The Voice Kids' judging panel.

"Coming in as the new kid was always going to be a bit nervy, but they welcomed me in with open hours," he said of his co-star's reaction.

"Within the first hour of being on set I felt totally at home and comfortable working with these guys, we laughed a lot, laughed constantly, it was a very relaxed atmosphere on stage, really enjoyed it, loved it."

Ronan Keating is the latest addition to The Voice Kids.

Keating then went on to praise the level of talent being displayed, admitting that he was blown away.

He said of the British version of the hit show: "And then the talent, I didn't know what to expect. I've worked on The Voice in Australia so I had an idea of what to expect, but not like that, when the kids come out, the ability, the talent, the emotion, unbelievable."

The Voice Kids is clearly a hit with audiences too and it's been a favourite since the first series aired in the summer of 2017.

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