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Zac Efron shares ‘apprehension’ before filming raunchy new Netflix film with Nicole Kidman

Zac Efron shares ‘apprehension’ before filming raunchy new Netflix film with Nicole Kidman

He plays a Hollywood A-lister who strikes up a romance with a widowed mum, played by Kidman

With Zac Efron’s latest rom-com out next month, the actor has admitted to feeling ‘apprehensive’ before the cameras started rolling – something that may not surprise those who already know about the movie’s raunchy premise.

In the new flick, Efron, 36, stars as self-absorbed Hollywood star Chris Cole, who strikes up a romantic – and clandestine - relationship with his personal assistant’s widowed mother, Brooke.

Said widowed mother is played by Nicole Kidman, 56, while Joey King, 24, plays PA Zara.

According to Netflix, the ‘surprising romance’ of A Family Affair ‘kicks off comic consequences’ for Zara, her mother and her movie star boss, as the trio face the complications of ‘love, sex and identity’.

The official synopsis bills Efron’s A-lister character as a ‘demanding and womanizing narcissist’, explaining how it begins to take its toll on Zara.

"On an impulse she quits her job, only to soon discover that her widowed mother has begun a romance with the famous playboy,” it says.

Efron has previously worked with Kidman when he was in his 20s, when they featured alongside one another as two lovers in 2012 crime drama The Paper Boy.

They also teamed up the following year for The Butler, a thriller loosely based on the real life of White House staffer Eugene Allen.

Efron and Kidman have now reunited once more, and while you’d have thought seeing a familiar face on set would put you at ease, it turns out the Iron Claw star was feeling a little jittery.

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron in A Family Affair (Netflix)
Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron in A Family Affair (Netflix)

"I was still a bit apprehensive but reuniting with Nicole is always so great, and as talented as she as an actress, she is equally kind, caring and wonderful to spend time with," Efron told People.

He added that their characters’ chemistry in the film is ‘seamless, natural and fun’.

Back in April, director Richard LaGravanese (who also directed P.S. I Love You) told the outlet that the spark between Chris and Brooke was ‘an answered prayer — something you hope for but can't plan’.

"The interplay between Joey and Zac's characters as an assistant and star is so much fun," he said.

"I also love the mother-daughter role reversal where the daughter becomes the disapproving, judgmental, suspicious parent and the mother is sneaking around her back having a love affair that makes her feel like she’s come back to life."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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