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The Santa Clause viewers mind-blown after realising why movie title is spelt that way

The Santa Clause viewers mind-blown after realising why movie title is spelt that way

Santa Clause is spelled without the 'e'

It’s that time of year, people - the time where we all collectively sit down and watch Christmas classics and think we know everything about a movie we’ve watched countless times.

Until today.

If you think you know how to spell Santa’s last name, you’re probably wrong.

Obviously, a lot of people know his last name but thanks to a 90s flick, people have been spelling it incorrectly ever since.

Is it Claus with or without an 'e'?

I’ll give you a second to really think about it.

If you said it’s ‘Clause’, you’re absolutely wrong.

As it turns out, the reason so many believe it is Clause is thanks to Tim Allen and his much-loved 1994 film, The Santa Clause.

This comedy family film is a play on words because of the plot line.

As Allen, playing Scott Calvin, accidentally makes Santa fall from his roof, he is pressured to take over the role due to - and wait for it - The Santa Clause.

This is a contracted term for anyone who is Santa, where if you cause the demise of one Santa, you have to step up and become him.

The Santa Clause has ruined the way we spell Santa Claus for the last 30 years.
Walt Disney Pictures

The proper way to spell Santa Claus is without the 'e', after Father Christmas' Dutch name Sinter Klaas.

So, 'Clause' is a legal clause and we’ve all been spelling Santa’s name that way ever since.

It goes to show how much entertainment shapes how we live!

But if you thought you were the only one who was duped, think again as Twitter was baffled when the news came out.

One fan even wrote: "Still trying to accept the fact that I’ve been unironically spelling it Santa 'Clause' like the 1994 movie starring Tim Allen. Not realizing it was a play on words for like my whole entire life. merry christmas."

Another added: "When I was a kid I had no idea why they called it “The Santa Clause”. I had no idea what a “clause” was, I just thought they deliberately spelled “Claus” wrong for some reason."

Did you know about the spelling? You should have told us!

A third wanted to provide a PSA to everyone who grew up watching the film: "PSA: The Santa Clause has brought a lot of joy to folks since 1994, but it has also raised a generation of adults who don't know how to spell Santa's name properly. The proper spelling is Santa C-L-A-U-S."

So, if you spelt the name wrong, don’t feel bad because we’re all in the same boat- even people who should know better like English teachers.

One such educator exclaimed: "The movie ‘The Santa Clause’ has permanently ruined my spelling of Santa Claus. I didn't know it didn't have an "e" at the end until last year. I'M AN ENGLISH TEACHER."

Anyway, you’re welcome for the heads up!

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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