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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown breaks down in tears as other wives leave husband Kody

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown breaks down in tears as other wives leave husband Kody

Looks like sparks are set to fly on the new season

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown breaks down in tears in new trailer for the upcoming season as the other wives leave husband Kody Brown.

Sister Wives is a reality TV show which follows the life of polygamist Kody and his relationships with his four wives.

However, judging by this new trailer, it looks like things are seemingly not going well for Kody.

But despite Kody going through several breakups at the same time, it seems that it's his wife Robyn who is taking it the hardest as she is seen breaking down into tears as her vision of a happy plural marriage disintegrates.

Sister Wives follows Kody Brown and his four wives.
YouTube / TLC

The previous season of the show saw the marriage between Kody and Christine Brown end after some 26 years together.

And if that wasn't enough, Kody and Janelle Brown confirmed their separation, as well as Meri Brown also confirming that they would be 'terminating' their marriage together.

And season 18 of the show is set to cover the breakups and the aftermath of the explosive last season.

According to a press release, Robyn is now the only one wife is 'the only wife secure in her marriage'.

In one moment from the trailer, Meri can be seen telling Robyn and Kody that she's 'not gonna to be around' anymore, which leads to Robyn breaking down in tears.

“I wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives, with our kids and our grandkids." she says.

Meri can be seen telling Robyn that Kody doesn't seem to be interested in rekindling their marriage, to which Robyn says in her confessional: "Kody's gonna do what Kody's gonna do."

There was also the allegations from last season that Robyn was Kody's 'favourite' wife.

Responding in the post-season special, she said: “I’m tired of it being somehow a bad thing cause it’s not. I don’t let Kody push me around. I say my truth.

Robyn Brown is seen bursting into tears as the relationships with Kody and his other wives break down.
YouTube / TLC

"I speak to him. I speak to him because he’s my best customer. I do and I expect him to treat me the same way.”

Addressing the issue, Kody also said: “You know, that’s the most unfair question, cause you don’t have any idea what work (Robyn) has done, what she has done as a person, the sacrifices that she’s made, the games that she hasn’t played."

However, it seems that the allegations have not been put to bed yet, as one of Janelle Brown's sons, Garrison Brown, said: “You know what, Robyn? Have him! We’re all grown adults that don’t need a father figure anymore."

Meanwhile, Christine has been surprised by the outpouring of support of fans of the show after her separation.

Back in January, she told TODAY: "It’s so overwhelming. I wish it for every woman going through a divorce or separation.

"I wish they would have the support system that I have because it’s been phenomenal. It’s been inspiring, it’s been humbling."

And in April, she announced that she had gotten engaged to her partner, Darren Woolley.

The new season of Sister Wives will premier on 20 August.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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