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Olivia Attwood was left feeling ‘disturbed’ by the prank her husband Bradley Dack was subjected to on his stag do - hilarious footage of which has been shown as part of their new reality TV series.

Attwood, 32, and her footballer beau Dack, 29, have known one another since 2015, and reunited in 2018 after Attwood’s split from Love Island star Chris Hughes, with whom she shared the third place spot on the show the year before.

After getting engaged in 2019, they tied the knot last month in a lavish do at the luxury five-star Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

Their road to the big day is now being shared in new ITV series Olivia Marries Her Match, with episode one airing last night (1 August).

In the first instalment, we saw the antics Dack got up to on his Ibiza stag do - with one particular element leaving his bride-to-be stunned.

Olivia Attwood was left asking 'What the f**k?!'

An ‘anxious’ Attwood stayed at home - knowing it was all out of her hands - while Dack was flown out to the infamous Spanish party island, with his stag guests making sure he was suitably embarrassed as soon as they got to the airport.

The lads handed him a blonde wig and bright pink outfit so that they could dress him up like his missus, having been inspired by one of her previous looks.

Dack told the camera: "So [friends] Jamie and Ronnie decided it would be funny to dress me up like Liv at the airport.

“I actually think if you took my beard off I would be alright you know.

“A few of the boys definitely wouldn’t say no!”

He added: "Let’s get this stag started. It is time to attack Ibiza!"

But while sometimes what happens on the stag do stays on the stag do, Dack decided to give Attwood a FaceTime call to show off the prank.

"What the actual f**k?” she asked him.

“What's on your head?"

Their road to the big day is now being shared in new ITV series Olivia Marries Her Match.

After Dack innocently told her it was just his wig, Attwood replied: “That is so disturbing!”

And it seems the joke wore off pretty quickly for the groom, as he soon realised just how much attention he was receiving after landing in Ibiza.

"I am walking through this airport, dressed like Liv and honestly the whole gaff is just staring at me and it is making me feel really uncomfortable,” he said.

“I am a bit worried about how crazy the stag could get. Four days and nights is a long time. I am going to pace myself, otherwise, I will be flying home in two days."

The first episode aired last night (1 August).

Dack said Attwood was ‘a bit anxious about the stag do’, as she didn’t ‘really know what’s going to happen’.

But his friends made sure he was given the appropriately humiliating send-off from single life, surprising him with a second outfit - this time, a latex bodysuit.

"I wouldn’t say I am a massive fan of latex,” he admitted.

“In fact, this is the first time I am wearing latex. I don’t feel sexy."

If you're keen to see what Attwood got up to on her hen do, the good news is you won't have to wait long - that's all shown in episode two, which lands tonight (2 August).

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@oliviajade_attwood/ITV

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