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Where to watch second series of ’10/10’ crime thriller that has taken US by storm

Where to watch second series of ’10/10’ crime thriller that has taken US by storm

There's a new gripping series people can't stop talking about

One thing we're gonna eat up every time is a seriously gripping crime drama.

They seem to be firing at us from all angles lately, but we're not complaining.

Just recently we've been watching Kin, Tokyo Vice and Pact of Silence.

When it comes to crime dramas, it's pretty obvious from early on whether or not it's going to be good, so we're always overjoyed when uncovering a gem.

That can certainly be said for this crime drama, the first season of which was a huge hit with viewers.

The UK is about to be treated to the explosive second season, so we really are in for a treat.

The show in question is none other than The Cleaning Lady.

The American series premiered on Fox back in 2022, and the second is landing on UK streaming services later this month, with a third series also having aired in the US and a fourth having been commissioned.

The Cleaning Lady is focused on Thony De La Rosa (Élodie Yung), who is a Cambodian-Filipino ex-surgeon that works and lives in Las Vegas.

Thony is residing in the United States with an expired visa alongside Luca, her five-year-old son.

Luca has a rare and life-threatening medical disorder which requires cutting-edge bone marrow treatment - available only in Las Vegas.


In an attempt to access the treatment, Thony works as a cleaning lady with Fiona, her sister-in-law.

Thony ultimately witnesses a killing and is discovered by the murderer. As a result, she is offered a job as a cleaner and a doctor in the criminal underworld, which she accepts due to the pay.

Thony then has to juggle a double life, keeping secrets from her family for their safety, while cleaning up crime scenes and avoiding detection.

Truly edge-of-your-seat stuff.

Viewers and critics have piled on the praise, and drawn attention to the importance of Thony's story.


Variety noted that: "Thony's complicated backstory - Cambodian by birth, she emigrated from the Philippines - may appeal to a segment of the audience that is too rarely seen onscreen."

Viewers have also taken to social media to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: "Those that were on here tweeting about #thecleaninglady, thank yall I’m currently binge watching and I’m hooked."

Another said: "I go to bed thinking about #TheCleaningLady. Dream about #TheCleaningLady. Wake up thinking about #TheCleaningLady. Yes, I’m obsessed."

And a third chimed: "Finally watching the cleaning lady properly and i get it now this show is amazing!"

The Cleaning Lady season two premieres on Sky Witness on 20 May at 9pm, and will be available to stream via Sky and NOW.

Featured Image Credit: Fox

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