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Netflix viewers go wild over ‘gripping’ action-thriller that has them on the edge of their seats

Netflix viewers go wild over ‘gripping’ action-thriller that has them on the edge of their seats

The '10/10' film has been hailed one of the 'best movies ever made'

Netflix viewers are going wild over a ‘gripping’ action-thriller that’s been dubbed ‘one of the best movies ever made’, featuring a star turn from an unexpected face.

Owen Wilson is arguably best known for his comedic roles, having had viewers in stitches in the likes of Wedding Crashers, Zoolander, Starsky and Hutch, Hall Pass and Meet the Parents.

He also has the rom-com genre nailed with the likes of How Do You Know and J-Lo hit Marry Me.

But he’s an actor that should never be underestimated – according to viewers who tuned in to a flick that’s just been added to Netflix, who say they were ‘expecting this kind of performance’ from the widely loved star.

In No Escape, he plays an expat engineer who is trapped with his family in an unnamed country in South-East Asia during a violent uprising.

“Soon after relocating to Southeast Asia, an American family lands in the midst of a violent coup that could cost them their lives,” a brief synopsis from Netflix teases.

Owen Wilson in No Escape.
The Weinstein Company

Also starring Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan, Sterling Jenkins and Claire Geare, the action-thriller was released back in 2015 but has won over a new generation of fans after it dropped on Netflix last week.

Posting about the flick in Netflix Bangers – a Facebook group from LADbible Group – one person said the film was ‘gripping’.

Someone else said they were ‘on the edge of their seat’ and ‘love’ the movie so much that they ‘watch it all the time’.

A third wrote: “So good, wasn’t expecting this kind of performance from Owen Wilson before watching it. 10/10.”

Someone else commented: “One of the best movies ever made.”

Another added: “I loved this. 10/10. Soooo good!”

The film has just been added to Netflix.
The Weinstein Company

Many agreed it was ‘very intense’ but ‘brilliant’, with one fan saying the ‘terrifying’ film was a ‘must-watch’.

The critics were a bit more divided however, with the Chicago Sun Times' Roger Ebert giving it an fairly average 2/4 stars at the time of release, but adding that it is 'fun to look at'.

Ed Travis of Cinapse, meanwhile, concluded: "No Escape is a highly satisfying and energetic action epic that never feels bloated so much as efficient and lethal."

Matt Brunson from Film Frenzy also awarded it 3/4 stars, saying it was 'a robust action flick from the director of both the best Daniel Craig Bond film and the best Pierce Brosnan 007 outing'.

Why not watch it on Netflix to decide for yourself?

Featured Image Credit: The Weinstein Company

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