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Married At First Sight's biggest plot twist is 'yet to come' involving Tasha and Paul

Married At First Sight's biggest plot twist is 'yet to come' involving Tasha and Paul

Paul C Brunson has teased an explosive plot twist is set to unfold

Although the current series of Married at First Sight UK is set to come to an end soon, there’s another major plot twist coming our way - and it’s not one you would have expected.

Viewers have already witnessed a cheating scandal and a physical altercation on the show, however, the upcoming bombshell has been teased as the biggest so far - and it involves Tasha Jay and Paul Liba.

The teaser for the upcoming, earth-shattering situation was teased by Paul C Brunson himself. The Married at First Sight UK expert dropped the news at the Grow, United, Build, Africa (GUBA) Awards on Monday (6 November) where he said that viewers are in for even more unexpected twists and turns.

Speaking at the star-studded event, Paul, who was the host, teased: "If people were blown away by Ella and JJ, there is much more to come. This time with Tasha and Paul.

"What happens next is very unexpected. I know what happens, but you guys will see it all unfold soon."

Tasha and Paul will be involved in an explosive plot twist.

Speaking to The Mirror, he continued: "I thought last season's MAFS was the most explosive, but this one, well, it's just incredible. It's all fireworks. I'll certainly need a lie-down afterwards. I'm so glad everyone is telling me how much they are enjoying it."

Tasha, 25, and her husband Paul, 26, have mostly had a smoothie time during the experience. After meeting at the altar on their wedding day, romance continued to bloom between the pair as they jetted off for their honeymoon and moved in together.

The pair’s biggest test came when Tasha clashed with fellow bride Erica Roberts, 25, who is married to Jordan Gayle, 26.

In one tense moment, Tasha accused Erica of snubbing her after she tried to greet her with a hug.

Tasha then hurled insults at Erica and called her a ‘tramp’, to which Erica said: “You've been in here five seconds and called me a tramp."

Tasha and Paul have had a smooth journey so far.

Tasha hit back: "Because you've disrespected me again."

In last week’s episodes, Tasha and Paul were involved in an off-camera argument, in which Paul claimed he saw a ‘different side to Tasha’ as she ‘got up in his face’. The pair had to spend two days away from each other as part of a bride and groom swap task.

Tasha apologised when they were reunited. She told Paul: "I knew if we spoke it would just be an argument, so I stopped that before it could happen, do you understand?

"It's not been nice to not be able to resolve it, so I wanted to apologise for my behaviour. I know you felt disrespected. I don't want you to feel like that. I do respect you as a person, as my husband, so I apologise I'm actually very sorry for what happened and I can tell you now, it isn't going to happen again."

Married at First Sight UK continues tonight at 9pm on E4.

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