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Married At First Sight star Luke Worley challenges Jordan Gayle to official fight after being axed

Married At First Sight star Luke Worley challenges Jordan Gayle to official fight after being axed

MAFS contestant Luke was kicked off the show after becoming embroiled in an on-screen spat with Jordan

It seems as though there is no end to this year's Married At First Sight drama...

After he was sensationally axed from the ongoing series for scrapping with his MAFS co-star, Luke Worley has challenged Jordan Gayle to a physical fight, settling their on-screen dispute once and for all.

Prior to last week's news that Essex salesman Luke, 30, had been axed from the show after becoming embroiled in a physical altercation with Sheffield lad Jordan, 26, a show insider claimed the duo had 'struggled to get along from the moment they met'.

The source told MailOnline last week: "The cast attend a couples' retreat and during dinner things got particularly heated between them and later they come to blows inside Jordan's apartment.

Luke claimed to be in touch with a 'boxing organisation'.

"Channel 4 bosses had no choice but eject Luke from the programme, which consequently ended his wife Jay's time in the process. As per the show's rules, you enter as a couple and leave as a couple."

The tensions have seemingly continued to roll on however, with Luke and Jordan regularly slinging insults towards each other on their respective social media platforms.

And it doesn't look as though their contempt for one another will blossom into a loving bromance anytime soon, after Luke challenged Jordan to a boxing match.

Jordan and Luke became embroiled in a spat on the show.

Speaking on TOWIE star Jordan Brook's Into the Barbershop podcast this week, Luke admitted: "Oh, me and Jordan, we f**king hate each other.

"I'll be honest with you, it's boiling over. I am in contact with a big influencer boxing organisation and we are trying to get something over the line."

Writing on his Instagram story just hours after the podcast went live on social media, Luke also confessed he felt abused by his co-stars on the show during certain points.

In an Instagram Q&A, a follower told him: "I feel for you and Jay because although it got physical, they mentally abused you both."

Luke also claimed to have been mentally abused by his co-stars.

Luke then posted his reply, which read: "I actually agree certain people caused me to struggle with my mental health and their mental abuse of other cast-mates is appalling.

"Yes I got physical which I know isn't acceptable but... is mental abuse acceptable? No."

The reality star then claimed to be working on a new project, which will see him teaming up with a mental health charity, pledging to 'share my story and help others'.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/@intothebarbershop

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