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Married At First Sight star Adrienne reveals shocking way she found out about Matt and Shona’s relationship

Married At First Sight star Adrienne reveals shocking way she found out about Matt and Shona’s relationship

MAFS UK stars Shona and Matt announced their relationship this week

Married At First Sight UK fans were sent wild earlier this week when Shona Manderson revealed she and Matt Pilmoor has been in a 'secret' relationship.

Though the MAFS couple weren't paired up with one another during their time on the show - which concluded last week - they've actually been dating 'for months'.

Nottingham resident Shona, 31, was initially matched up with tatted-up Grimsby model, Brad Skelly. And though sparks flew between the duo after they'd first tied the knot, he was later removed from the show following 'controlling' behaviour.

Sadly - despite being a fan-favourite - Shona was also removed from the experiment at this time.

Meanwhile, Harrogate lad Matt, 29, was partnered up with 26-year-old project support officer, Adrienne Taylor, from Cumbria, with the pair joining the show after Brad and Shona had been axed.

Shona and Matt went public with their romance this week.

Matt and Adrienne split following the final vows, however, it wasn't until the reunion episode - which saw Jordan Gayle accused of cheating on wife Erica Roberts - that Matt and Shona first came face-to-face for the first time, and the rest is history.

Though this duo might have found their happily ever after, fans were left wondering where this left a now-single Adrienne.

But she has this week addressed her ex-man's new relationship, revealing she actually learned about their romance in quite a brutal way.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan alongside, co-star gal pal Erica, Adrienne confessed: "I found out about Shona and Matt, you [Erica] rang me, and at that time, I did have a message from Shona in my DMs.

Shona was previously paired up with Brad.
Channel 4

"But I hadn't read it at that point, and you rang me like, 'What the hell, basically, Matt's just been on the phone...'

"Because Matt told Jordan," Erica then chimed in. "And Jordan was like, 'Don't say anything yet'.

"And I was like, 'I'm not keeping this information!'. Like, Adrienne is my girl, my best friend, she needs to know."

Adrienne then went on: "You know, all the cast try and make out that everybody's there for each other. Not one person messaged me, and the one person that did message me - a couple of days after - believe it or not, was Porscha [Pernnelle].

"She said, 'You don't have to explain how you're feeling but if you are feeling a certain way then, obviously, you're entitled to feel however the hell you want to want to feel.'"

Addressing the future of Matt and Shona's relationship, Adrienne insisted: "I hope that they do make it work, but just keep my name out your mouth."

Speaking to OK! about their new romance, Shona this week explained they had to keep their relationships under wraps during the early stages, because they became involved whilst Matt was still on the show.

Matt was previously paired up with Adrienne.

"Matt would be driving and I would be in the back, we would be walking around Nottingham and I'd be all the way over there, we were like secret agents on a mission."

"We went to the reunion and Matt walked in and I was like 'oh my god,' we had a little hug but I could feel he was still caught up with Adrienne.

Addressing their new romance, Shona explained: "We have a really healthy, happy, safe, fun, relationship - I really appreciate Matt so much, it’s what I deserve, we deserve each other.

"I’m proud to be his girlfriend and it just works."

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