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Married At First Sight UK stars Ella and JJ 'cheat and sensationally re-enter as new couple'

Married At First Sight UK stars Ella and JJ 'cheat and sensationally re-enter as new couple'

The fellow contestants were beyond shocked

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks - you'll know that this season of Married at First Sight UK has been packed to brim with bombshell revelations, jaw-dropping drama and a whole load of relationship chaos.

The latest sees MAFS stars Ella Morgan, 29, and 30-year-old JJ Slater 'cheat and sensationally re-enter as new couple'.

Ella, who is the first ever transgender bride on the hit Channel 4 reality dating show, was originally coupled up with Nathanial Valentine, a 36-year-old events manager who identifies as pansexual.

MAFS stars Ella Morgan and JJ Slater have re-entered the show as a 'new couple'.
Channel 4

Since then, MailOnline has claimed that Ella cheated on her hubby with a groom that entered the series at a later date.

In scenes yet to air, Nathanial leaves the process after making the discovery that both Ella and JJ had been involved in some infidelity.

According to the outlet, the pair were given permission by the show's relationship experts to re-enter the series as a new couple, to the surprise of their fellow co-stars following the end of JJ's marriage to wife Bianca Petronzi, 30.

A source reportedly told MailOnline: "Ella and Nathanial tried to take their relationship to the next level but agreed they were better off as friends.

"Nathanial was so disappointed by Ella's actions, he thought they had a mutual respect for each other and kissing someone else in the process went against his values."

The source added: "Ella loved the attention she received from JJ because it's what she missed in her marriage to Nathanial.

"After initially leaving the show when their marriages failed, Ella and JJ were given permission by the relationship experts to come back, which certainly ruffled feathers among the cast who have taken the process seriously from the beginning."

And its not just the sticky love triangle of Ella, JJ and Nathanial that viewers have been privy to.

Ella was originally coupled up with Nathanial Valentine.
Channel 4

Another recent ordeal sees 40-year-old Terence Edwards, who works as a DJ, shocking his bride, 35-year-old Porscha Pernnelle, by saying he was leaving the show after a pretty drama-filled game of spin the bottle.

Terence's departure comes after an extremely explosive dinner party on Tuesday (10 October) which saw the group discuss the game's antics which saw Porscha allegedly kissing other grooms when her hubby wasn't present.

Porscha has previously come forward to defend herself against the 'lies' being told following the row with fellow contestant Georges Berthonneau over the game of spin the bottle who alleged that she kissed four other male contestants while Terence was away.

Tyla has reached out to Channel 4 for comment.

Married At First Sight UK airs nightly on E4 at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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