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Married At First Sight UK in chaos as bride Ella cheats on husband Nathanial with another groom

Married At First Sight UK in chaos as bride Ella cheats on husband Nathanial with another groom

Ella and Nathanial's relationship has gone downhill since they tied the knot

Getting 'married at first sight' is always going to be tough, but there are a few things you can do to help the relationship go smoothly.

You know, like not cheating on your partner?

But MAFS UK contestant Ella Morgan made clear she wasn't all that bothered about staying on good terms with her new partner Nathanial Valentino, and has instead decided to share an intimate moment with another groom on the show.

Ella, the first transgender bride on the UK version of the series, tied the knot with Nathanial after they were matched by experts Paul C. Brunson, Mel Schilling and Charlene Douglas.

Nathanial and Ella appeared to be a good match at first.
Channel 4

Nathanial opened up on the show about being pansexual, meaning he can feel attraction regardless of gender identity.

The pair seemed to get off to a good start as Nathanial complimented Ella, while Ella said she was 'very lucky' to get the husband she had.

The series is still ongoing, with more couples being welcomed as they start their own journeys as husband and wife.

Though fans of the show are only just seeing the relationships unfold, filming took place a few months ago, meaning all the drama we're yet to see has already unfolded.

As it turns out, it apparently wasn't long after she married Nathanial that Ella had her head turned by another contestant on the show; a groom who is set to enter the experiment in an upcoming episode.

A source with knowledge of the romances told MailOnline: "There's no denying that Ella and Nathanial were instantly attracted to each other the day of their wedding."

Ella Morgan allegedly found a better match on the show.

The source continued: "Ella's natural type is a straight man with masculine energy so one of the other grooms ticked more of her boxes. She didn't want to hurt Nathanial or go against the process because being part of the show means so much to her.

"Ella was looking for love and with the other groom, he adores her body and mind, and they had a much better chance of enjoying a long-lasting relationship together."

In response to the rumours, a Channel 4 spokesperson told MailOnline: "We don't comment on speculation. Viewers will have to tune in to find out what does or doesn't happen as the series develops – there's still 33 episodes to go."

Viewers saw the breakdown of Ella and Nathanial's relationship unfold in last night's episode (20 September), when scenes showed them getting into an argument as Nathanial accused his bride of playing up to the camera.

"You say s*** in front of these cameras that is different from what you say in front of me," Nathanial said. "I can't even say everything I know and why I act the way I am because I'm not allowed to say it.

"I respect you… and I wouldn't say s***… you are lying again and are lying in this whole thing."

Tyla has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

Married At First Sight UK airs nightly on E4 at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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