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Bridgerton's Luke Newton reveals 'awkward' moment before steamy nude scenes

Bridgerton's Luke Newton reveals 'awkward' moment before steamy nude scenes

Luke Newton starred in several raunchy on-screen moments with his co-star Nicola Coughlan

Now, I'm no Hollywood star, but I imagine the most excruciating part of being an actor must be having to perform 'intimate scenes' on set, knowing they'll soon be watched by billions of viewers at home.

And according to Bridgerton actor Luke Newton, my estimation couldn't be more accurate, as the Netflix star recently lifted the lid on a particularly 'awkward' moment he was forced to endure while preparing to film a nude scene.

The eagerly-awaited second-half to the third series of Bridgerton finally took to our screens last week, having ended on WHOPPER of a cliffhanger.

Last time we saw former friends Colin Bridgerton (Luke) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), they were getting hot and heavy in the back of a carriage, after the former professed his love for the latter who - of course - had adored him the whole time.

After the couple were abruptly stopped in the throes of passion, Colin popped the all-important question, and the two retreated into the Bridgerton household to announce the happy news.

Viewers were left terrified, however, that Colin's little sister and Pen's former bestie Eloise would reveal the show's biggest kept secret - that Penelope is in fact notorious author and trouble-causer, Lady Whistledown.

If you haven't had a chance to binge your way through the follow-up instalment yet, don't worry. I won't give away what happened next.

Bridgerton is famed for its steaminess. (Netflix)
Bridgerton is famed for its steaminess. (Netflix)

What any fan of the much-loved period drama will be more than aware of by now, however, is that the Netflix series is renowned for its raunchiness.

Whether it's a quickie on the palace dining table, a passionate love affair between the sheets or a romp in the back of a carriage ride, a staple element of the star-studded production is its reliance on steamy scenes to keep viewers captivated.

Last week, however, it was revealed that Colin actor Luke is often embarrassed to record these rather x-rated moments, with the star telling This Morning viewers he attempts to stop his mum from watching them.

"I am a little bit scared about it," he confessed. "But I’ve prepped her… I can be there for damage control, block her eyes maybe."

And apparently, we shouldn't be surprised that Luke can barely stand to remember his sex scenes with co-star Nicola, after he recalled a particularly moment he endured while preparing to film.

The duo opened up about their steamy scenes. (Capital Breakfast)
The duo opened up about their steamy scenes. (Capital Breakfast)

Speaking on Capital FM today (18 June), Luke hilariously recalled: "I have to say in preparation for those days, the most awkward moment is when my makeup artist comes into my trailer to tan my full body and I'm just wearing a cup… that is it."

He added, however: "That's sort of the moment where your relationship with your makeup artist changes and you become best friends."

Nicola then went on to tease: "It's like when they talk about people who have been to war together, I feel like Luke and I look at each other and are like, 'We've seen some s*** man'."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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