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Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan reveals one reason she felt 'pressured' to film carriage scene in season 3

Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan reveals one reason she felt 'pressured' to film carriage scene in season 3

Netflix's latest instalment includes steamy scenes that have left fans screaming

It's the show that quite literally EVERYBODY is talking about, after the eagerly anticipated third series of Bridgerton landed on Netflix last week.

And should we be surprised? It includes utterly everything that fans already know and love about the gushy period hit.

Love-hungry stares across the ballroom? Check. Mozart's remixes of chart-topping modern-day bangers. Yep. Knock-out costumes and huge-name stars? Absolutely.

Another element of the show - which is apparently a massive guilty pleasure for tons of viewers (deny it if you want, but we know!) - is the iconically steamy sex scenes between the primary lovers of each season.

And if there's anything that series three fanatics are well aware of by now, is that the latest instalment is quite literally jam-packed with raunchiness.

With that in mind, there's one particularly saucy moment that has sent completely viewers wild over the last week, after they've waited for a newly-hunky Colin Bridgerton to realise his true feelings for fan-favourite Penelope Featherington since the show first took to our screens four years ago.

And boy, did producers give us what we've wanted?!

As viewers know, the season concludes with a jaw-dropping declaration of love between Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan's characters in the back of a carriage in the dead of night, which - as Bridgerton often does - results in an extremely passionate backseat affair indeed.

Let's just say, Colin takes an overtly hands-on approach to their blossoming romance...

The show is famed for its raunchiness. (Netflix)
The show is famed for its raunchiness. (Netflix)

Anyway, what has left some fans of the show surprised this week is news that lead actress Nicola actually held some reservations about what would be her first ever on-screen sex scene.

In a new interview - in which actors Luke and Nicola are forced to rewatch the hotly-discussed scene - Colin frontman firstly begins to admit, 'I love that moment ‘cause…,' before Nicola jumps in, adding: "Because he thinks he screwed it up. And then she's in control. He's put himself out there."

Luke then goes on to talk about about how the buildup to the scene was 'a lot', before Nicola confesses that the pair both felt 'big pressure' while filming the scene.

"The fans are horny little devils and they used to send us pictures of carriages constantly and carriages rocking," she teased.

"So, this has to be both beautiful, touching, romantic and sexy, which is a lot of things."


Bridgerton season 3 part one is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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