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Viewers praise ‘harrowing’ and ‘criminally underrated’ psychological drama series with all-star cast that you can watch on ITV

Viewers praise ‘harrowing’ and ‘criminally underrated’ psychological drama series with all-star cast that you can watch on ITV

The psychological drama is based on a non-fiction book

There’s an absolutely gripping series to sink your teeth into on ITVX, and viewers are branding it as massively underrated.

The critically-acclaimed show stars the likes of Andrew Garfield and Gil Birmingham, as well as Rory Culkin and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Based on the non-fiction book of the same name by bestselling author Jon Krakauer, the all-star cast brings the story to shocking new heights.

Garfield portrays Jeb Pyre, a priest that is left scarred when investigating the murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her baby daughter in Salt Lake Valley.

Fans are raving about it.

The brutal murder seemingly involves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the faith of Mormonism).

The series - titled Under The Banner of Heaven - holds an impressive score of 87 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and was lauded by critics.

Stuart Jeffries wrote for the Guardian that Under The Banner of Heaven is ‘an elegant and even topical adaptation that dares to ask big questions.’

While the psychological drama was first released in 2022, it was added to ITVX last month, meaning some viewers are experiencing the story for the very first time.

Check out the trailer:

Now viewers have had the chance to digest the seven-episode series, many have rushed to social media to share their reactions and praise.

One user wrote on X: “Under the Banner of Heaven is harrowing but a good watch.”

Another person added: “I tell you what, Under The Banner of Heaven on ITV is absolutely brilliant.

“Bit of a slow burner but brilliant.

“Recommended to those that like American dramas about crime, murder, cults, human behaviour etc.”

The psychological drama is now streaming on ITVX.

A third person added: “Under The Banner of Heaven is wild, like it’s mad this type of stuff happens in America.”

People also piled on the praise for Garfield’s performance.

One person gushed: “Garfield is actually criminally underrated when it comes to acting performances. He’s ALWAYS top notch. Go watch Under the Banner of Heaven and you’ll see what I’m talking about. He also seems like a sweetheart to the core.”

Another said: “Just finished watching Under the Banner of Heaven. Now I want to read the book. Apart from Spiderman I think it's the first thing I've watched with Andrew Garfield but he was superb and will definitely be looking for more from him.”

Right, we’re off for a rewatch...

Under The Banner of Heaven is streaming on ITVX now.

Featured Image Credit: Hulu

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