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Viewers praise 'gripping' ITV true crime drama series with all-star cast which you can watch in one day

Viewers praise 'gripping' ITV true crime drama series with all-star cast which you can watch in one day

The harrowing Martin Freeman thriller is based on a true story

ITV producers are renowned across the country for launching some of the most binge-worthy crime-drama boxsets out of today's age.

The likes of harrowing murder mystery Broadchurch, cold-case chiller Unforgotten and gripping cop drama Marchella are amongst the plethora of top-rated limited series released by the broadcaster in recent years.

Martin Freeman stars in the true-crime thriller.

Not only do these spine-tingling thrillers somehow always manage to cast a dazzling array of HUGE British acting names, but they're also famed for their unforeseen cliff-hangers and last minute plot-twists.

If you've already rattled your way through these already-popular shows, however, and you're on the hunt or something new to sink your teeth into this weekend, then once again, look no further than ITVX.

That's because this week, thousands of telly-lovers are only just discovering a previously-underrated crime drama that has had them on the edge of their seats.

Starring the likes of The Hobbit star Martin Freeman, The Crown icon Imelda Staunton and Happy Valley's Siobhan Finneran, this six-parter tells the tale of the sudden disappearance of a young woman following a night out with friends.

The series tells a horrific true story.

Like many other ITV hits, the show is based on the horrific true story of the 2011 murder of 22-year-old Sian O'Callaghan, who was last seen at a nightclub before her body was discovered in a shallow grave a week later.

In the show, Martin Freeman takes on the real life role of Detective Superintendent Fulcher - who fronted the former investigation - and confronts a suspect that leads him torn as to whether to 'break protocol' in order to catch the 'psychotic killer'.

We are, of course, talking about The Confession, the stomach-churning gory story mini-series that has set viewers tongues wagging since discovering it.

On top of this, to make matters easier for crime-drama fans, each episode is only an hour long each, and - as mentioned - they're all available on ITVX right now.

"Martin Freeman never disappoint[s] me and he proves me it again in 'A Confession'," one penned on social media this week.

Another went on to gush: "A Confession Terrific 2019 Miniseries from ITV about the true story hunt & capture of a suspected serial killer & the subsequent debate over police procedure & attacks on lead detective. Martin Freeman great as usual as is supporting cast. Both of us 10/10".

"Finally started watching A Confession with Martin Freeman and its absolutely gripping," a third went on.

Another continued to gush: "Just finished watching the ITV drama A Confession. What an outstanding and compelling piece of brilliant television. However, my faith in the HIERARCHY of the Police has diminished somewhat. I shudder to think what we have in charge now in this country."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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