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I'm A Celeb's Nella Rose 'received warning' over controversial behaviour in camp

I'm A Celeb's Nella Rose 'received warning' over controversial behaviour in camp

The YouTube star has become embroiled in heated arguments with First Dates star Fred Sirieix and politician Nigel Farage

Within days of the brand new series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! airing on screen, one contestant was already facing huge backlash from the public.

YouTube star Nella Rose has unexpectedly proven to be a controversial character on the gruelling ITV reality series.

This is after the 26-year-old quickly became embroiled in a heated row with First Dates star Fred Sirieix over a seemingly innocent comment he'd made about being old enough to be her father.

Nella later confronted the Channel 4 maitre'd, branding him a 'weirdo' and insisting that the pair would 'never be friends', after taking offence because her own father died back in 2020.

It seemed as though the majority of viewers sided with Frenchman Fred following the awkward I'm A Celeb interaction, though many claimed to understand why Nella became upset.

And over the last two episodes, we've seen the social media star understandably hit out at campmate Nigel Farage over the subject of cultural appropriation, which - although arguably a more low-key confrontation than her row with Fred - has still got viewers talking online.

Nella and Fred got into a heated argument on the show.

Despite engaging in a relatively well-mannered spat with ex-MP Farage during last night's instalment, many viewers took to X to hit out at the YouTube star, with others imploring her to stop the bickering.

"Getting so bored of #ImACeleb now, Nella needs to cause arguments all the time and it's just becoming the Nella show," one wrote.

A second said: "Nella coming out with a worse reputation than Nigel Farage #ImACeleb".

"Nella really diminishing her reputation day by day . I agree w her but there’s a way to do it #imaceleb," a third went on.

Now, one Celebrity PR expert has admitted she 'wouldn't be surprised' to discover that producers had 'had a word' with Nella over her controversial confrontations.

Nella and Nigel had a low-key row during last night's show.

Carla Speight - Talent Manager and PR Expert - exclusively admitted to Tyla this week: "I'm wondering whether Nella has either had an epiphany over her behaviour, or if she's received a warning from producers that she's sparked quite the backlash.

"It's been really interesting to see the stark difference between how enraged she was during her argument with Fred, and how close the two appeared to become in the following episodes.

"Considering how passionately she believed she was right before, it's strange to see her seemingly forgiving him and moving on."

Carla spoke of the 'potentially severe damage' that Nella could have done to her reputation if she continued in a feud with Fred, believing that a producer - or another campmate - may have warned her to 'rein in' her reaction.

Katherine Ryan said she's boycotting the show this year due to one campmate.

"The Internet doesn't forgive easily, so I think it's highly likely that someone from ITV has pulled her to the side and warned her not to p**s on her own doorstep any further," she told Tyla.

"I'm almost certain that someone has warned her that the could be trolled severely for her arguments with her campmates.

"It could even have been Fred himself. He has friends in high places and probably doesn't want her to be torn apart by viewers."

Carla continued: "You can tell he genuinely cares about her, because he could have kicked off during that argument, but he stayed calm."

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Tyla has contacted ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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