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Hollyoaks viewers brand Owen Warner's final scene ‘hilarious’ after show teased 'big’ exit for his character

Hollyoaks viewers brand Owen Warner's final scene ‘hilarious’ after show teased 'big’ exit for his character

It's definitely not what you'd expect...

Hollyoaks has been gracing our screens and warming our hearts now for nearly three decades now and it seems the beloved soap isn't stopping anytime soon.

However, for one actor, last night's episode (11 March) marked the end of his Hollyoaks journey.

Channel 4 viewers have since branded Owen Warner's final scene as absolutely 'hilarious' after the show teased a 'big’ exit for his character.

See for yourself:

A couple months back (31 January), the 24-year-old - who is best known for playing Romeo Nightingale on the programme since 2018 - broke the news to The Sun that he was leaving.

Describing his departure as a 'really sad thing to do', Owen explained: "It’s Hollyoaks, there’s always a twist.

"When I was told what it was going to be I was like, 'Are you joking?'"

At the time, the actor didn't reveal any details on how exactly Channel 4 bosses would orchestrate his exit but insisted that fans would be left on the edges of their seats.

Time to say goodbye to Owen Warner's Romeo Nightingale.
Channel 4

"I had to look the producer in the eye and say, 'Are you serious? I feel like I’m being had on here, I don’t know how this is real. Surely not'," he continued.

"There’s loads of twists and safe to say, it’s a memorable one."

Well, the day has finally come where the character of Romeo leaves and his exit scene is hilariously iconic.

The scene saw Owen up on a horse while he told his fellow cast mates: "I'll be decreed by fate that we never met again.

Channel 4 viewers couldn't wait to share their reactions to the 'hilarious' exit scene.
Channel 4

"Your image, graven on my heart, forever shall remain."

Then, in true Romeo charm, he finished off with: "Pretty sick that!"

"Right," he continued while police sirens blared in the background.

"Don't miss me too much," Romeo said before he put his hood up and rode away into the fog.

Oh yeah, and Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' soundtracked the whole thing.

Viewers couldn't wait to share their reactions to the clip, with many rushing to X, formerly Twitter, to give their verdicts.

"And this is why Hollyoaks can never be cancelled… it’s so unserious," joked one.

Channel 4

A second penned: "I have no words lol."

"I need some more context what’s happening here," a third chimed in.

"Haha that's hilarious. I haven't watched it for ages. What's Romeo done? And why's he riding off on a horse!?" asked someone else.

Very fair question that.

Well, coming to the rescue (kind of) a final user explained: "He murdered his abusive girlfriend (albeit accidentally) - this is the abridged version of events."

I'm still none the wiser to be honest but you can't deny we won't be forgetting about Owen's exit scene anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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