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Celebrity Big Brother 'blue jumper man' responds after getting hilarious reaction from ITV viewers

Celebrity Big Brother 'blue jumper man' responds after getting hilarious reaction from ITV viewers

He's turned into an overnight icon

Celebrity Big Brother returned to our screens last night, with a whole host of celebrities set to live with each other for the next few weeks and cause obscene amounts of drama.

But the real star of Monday night's show was 'blue jumper man' who has become an icon, literally, overnight.

Also known as 'blue shirt guy', the man in question became a star of the launch, after people noticed he kept going for a high five or fist bump from the contestants as they left their cars.

He got pied several times, but people loved his perseverance.

One person tweeted: "Highlight of this launch is watching if blue jumper guy gets an interaction or not."

Someone else said: "Anyone else just counting how many celebs give the tall guy in a blue jumper a high five?"

A third wrote: "The guy in the blue jumper in the audience is making me laugh so much when he goes for a fist bump and gets ignored."

People are calling Sam the real star of the show.

Following the launch, the official CBB X account shared a video of the anonymous man, captioned: "We got you blue shirt guy."

In the clip, someone behind the camera heads over to the man and gives him a fist bump.

And in the comments, blue jumper man has actually responded to all the hype surrounding his appearance.

Sam Jones shared a photo in his blue getup. He can be seen with his thumb up, clearly appreciative of the fact he'd finally been acknowledged. He told followers: "Thanks for having me!!! #blueshirtguy."

And people are loving his comment, with one writing: "He's become more of a celebrity than half the people in the house."

While another said: "The real star of the show."

And a third added: "Get him in the house as the next Celebrity Lodger."

Meanwhile a fourth added: "I would recognise you now and know your name more than I do half of the housemates."

Others are calling for ITV to repeat the stunt created during Chantelle Houghton's series, when she was tasked with pretending to be a celebrity.

Chantelle had to convince the celebs that she was also famous and a member of a girlband, Kandy Floss. She even performed the band's 'hit song' - 'I Want It All'.


It was probably one of the most memorable moments of CBB and we'd love to see it repeated tbh.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Tuesday (5 March) at 9pm on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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