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Channel 4 viewers slam 'dreadful' new series where lead characters have 'zero chemistry'

Channel 4 viewers slam 'dreadful' new series where lead characters have 'zero chemistry'

Online viewers are disappointed about the lack of spark in Alice & Jack

If you’re partial to a bit of romance, just know that viewers are urging you to skip this flick.

There have been a plethora of amazing rom-coms and romantic tragedies on the telly recently, from Netflix’s One Day to Amazon Prime’s You & Me.

But there’s one that has left people reeling from the total lack of chemistry on screen.

Alice & Jack follows a long-suffering pair who just can't seem to time it right.
Channel 4

According to Channel 4 viewers, the romance drama Alice & Jack has not met it’s criteria since debuting on Valentine's Day.

Starring the likes of Academy Award-nominated actor and producer Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson, the plotline follows a similar story to One Day, where the two main leads navigate 15-years of missed opportunities to be together.

One person wrote online: “Alice & Jack isn’t any good. The leads have zero chemistry, the story is tepid, and the set-up is forced.”

The storyline shows Alice (Riseborough) who is a busy-body finance worker, and Jack (Gleeson), a shy scientist.

The pair go on to sleep with each other and quickly, their obsession with the romance becomes unhealthy.

After releasing all of the episodes in one go so that romance lovers could binge on Valentine’s Day, they probably weren’t expecting to have thousands of disappointed Brits slamming the show.

Someone wrote: “Just watched Alice and Jack. So they have sex twice over a few months and are obsessed with each other to the point he ends up in therapy?? No chemistry between them. Am I missing something??????...”

Another stated: “Alice and Jack.. slow burn, dull or no chemistry. Take your pick...”

One person asked whether the show was attempting to copy another production: “@Channel4 Have watched 20mins of Alice & Jack & to be honest was more than enough! I thought if was dreadful!

The show starring Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson wasn't a hit for viewers.
Channel 4

“However have watched the entire 14 episodes of One day on Netflix which is excellent. Are you trying to jump on that bandwagon with similarities?...”

While many scathed about the plot, others were even more critical about the quality: “Alice and Jack. Lasted eight minutes. Talented performers (and they are), can't redeem tedious c***. And the sound quality was atrocious, as though they needed any further handicaps.”

You’d think that with a show featuring Gleeson, who absolutely smashed it in About Time and even comedian Aisling Bea as Lynn (Jack's new wife), there couldn’t be much to complain about.

That’s what a lot of others online thought too.

A user was miffed by the hate: “Must be something wrong with me, I absolutely loved Alice and Jack...”

Another wrote: “Alice & Jack is beautiful and melancholy...”

Someone else said: “@Channel4 Loving #Alice & Jack but not really sure why?...”

You can watch the show on demand or every week on TV at 9pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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