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Extremely strict rules Gogglebox cast members must follow while filming

Extremely strict rules Gogglebox cast members must follow while filming

Gogglebox has been on our screens for an incredible 22 seasons - but there's a lot more to the show than just watching TV

We all look forward to getting comfortable on the sofa and switching on the latest episode of Gogglebox.

We're not sure why a TV show about people watching TV is so good - but it is.

The Channel 4 show is a cornerstone of British reality TV and has been running for a staggering 22 seasons to date - including a number of spin-offs, like Celebrity Gogglebox and Gogglesprogs.

We get to be transported into the front rooms of families all over the nation, and there has been times of heartbreak.

Gogglebox staples, Leon and June, the first couple to be cast for the show, have now both tragically passed away.

We also lost Mary Cook, Pete McGarry, Andy Michael and George Gilbey - as well as original narrator Caroline Aherne.

And some stars have made the decision to leave the show - like Stephen Webb, who'd been on the show since the beginning.

Despite this, the casting department are obviously doing something right, as we fall in love with each new family.

One lesser known fact about Gogglebox is that they all have a very strict set of rules to follow.

No alcohol

Although Brits are known for loving a good cup of tea, this might be the reason they drink so much of it.

Drinking alcohol is prohibited on the show as to avoid the cast getting a bit too merry and potentially slurring their words.

Former Gogglebox star Tom Malone Jr once confirmed this to The Sun, saying: "We weren’t allowed to order or drink alcohol, because I don’t think the show would work if we were all there slurring our words."

Gogglebox stars Giles and Mary. (Channel 4)
Gogglebox stars Giles and Mary. (Channel 4)

Put on a show

This one is rather surprising, but they do have to make good telly after all - so producers play a big part in giving us great moments.

Paige Deville, another former star of the reality show, owned up about Gogglebox being a ‘pantomime behind the scenes’.

Cast are prepped for scenes and often have to watch shows multiple times to get a variety of responses and great reactions.

Paige further claimed that the producers ‘prep you to say things’ if something especially interesting is coming up.

Enjoy your takeaway

The cast get offered a delicious takeaway to enjoy during filming.

Dream job much?

This is more of a blessing than a rule really, but they are encouraged to tuck in and enjoy it whilst filming.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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