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Celebrity Big Brother viewers all make same demand after Louis Walsh's explosive rant

Celebrity Big Brother viewers all make same demand after Louis Walsh's explosive rant

They didn't hold back...

Celebrity Big Brother has sent the internet into an absolute frenzy following the chaos of Louis Walsh and his explosive rant against Jedward.

The ITV reality show has been providing viewers all over with a whole bunch of drama which has only heightened following the former X Factor judge's comments about the music duo he once managed back in 2009.

Since then, CBB viewers have all made the same demand.

In case you're not caught-up with the whole Louis-Jedward saga, the 71-year-old discussed what it was like working with the twins claiming: "They were vile… I got five million quid with them, I swear on my mother’s life.

"They were novelty, they were great for the show."

The musicians - whose real names are John and Edward Grimes - later took to X to share with their 645.4K followers their reaction to Louis' comments with a series of tweets.

They alleged: "Louis Walsh is a cold-hearted b*stard who didn’t even send us flowers when our mom died.

Louis Walsh branded Jedward as 'vile'.

"Louis Walsh is an evil manipulator who forced us into an office to pay £70k+ to from our bank account to one of his own PR workers.

"Louis Walsh tried to make us sign our name and life away in dodgy contracts to people he was great friends with without our mom we wouldn’t be here today!

"What an absolute weirdo with bad intentions for all... does he like anyone?"

They added: "Louis reopened these wounds all by himself being spiteful and disrespectful we aren’t going to have our character taken. Justice will be served."

LADbible Group has reached out to Louis Walsh's representative for comment.

Since then, CBB viewers have weighed in on the ordeal themselves, with one X user writing: "Nah, entertaining as he might be Louis Walsh needs to get out."

CBB viewers are calling for Louis to be booted out the house following his 'nasty' comments about Jedward.

"Hope he's evicted on Friday," hit out a second, while a third chimed in: "Get that nasty pice of work Louis Walsh out!"

A third slammed: "Get him out!", while a fourth added: "Louis Walsh is not coming across very well at all on CBB, the crowd were chanting get Louis out."


Another called Louis 'vile' over his comments about fellow housemate Fern Britton.

During a task where the housemates had to put together a girl group, Walsh noted Britton was 'older'. When asked by Big Brother if she could be a star, he responded: "No."

Later, when Britton, Zeze Millz, Lauren Simon and Ekin-Su put on girl group style costumes, Louis said: "I love the way they look; even Fern looks good."

When the other housemates called him out, he replied: "But she's older."

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9.00pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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