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Bride left furious as mum barges in mid-wedding to try and ruin her big day

Bride left furious as mum barges in mid-wedding to try and ruin her big day

Her mum would stop at nothing to halt proceedings and stop the pair tying the knot

Someone wearing a shade a little too close to white, jokes not landing in the best man's speech or a seafood starter that turns people's stomachs can all be niggles on your wedding day - but this mother-of the-bride took ruining the big day to the next level by barging in to halt the couple's vows.

On TLC's Gypsy Brides US, bride, Jett, was looking forward to marrying her partner, Bubba, despite her nerves.

Jett was looking forward to her wedding day.

While Jett claims there's 'no getting out of jail free', in terms of having to face the music and walk down the aisle, it seems her hubby-to-be won't be getting out of jail free either, as her mother, Angie, claims that he's quite literally 'facing time'.

"Ain't nobody wants their daughter with a jail bird," she says.

But Angie has a plan, saying that she's 'not going to let it happen says", as she puts on her war paint.

"But they're two grown ups - what can you do?" Angie's partner, Champ, asks as he reclines on the bed.

"I'm going to go through that place like a bat out of hell," she says to camera. "Watch out Bubba, 'cause here comes momma!

"I'm going to get my daughter back today." she says as she climbs in the car.

The shot then cuts to Jett excitedly putting on her wedding dress and struggling to fit into the car before heading to the venue.

"Janette (Jett) is one in a million, I love her to death and couldn't imagine being with anyone else," Bubba says to the camera.

But as the couple gaze into each other's eyes and begin to say their 'I dos', Angie arrives to ruin the day.

Jett's mum Angie was uninvited to the wedding.
YouTube/@TLC UK

"Hold up, stop this wedding. I do not want it to happen," she says, which prompts a response of: "What the f**k?" from the groom.

"I don't want my daughter with this f***ing bum." Angie says.

But when he hears Champ is outside, Bubba removes his horse-emblazoned jacket and legs it from the venue, ready for a fight.

Angie then follows him, shouting: "You are not going to be with my daughter. I will not have it. Under no circumstances."

Angie was taken away by security.
YouTube/TLC UK

"She's a f***ing psycho" Jett shouts before wrangling Bubba back into the venue.

The mother-daughter duo then tussle before Bubba insists that Angie be removed by security.

"I've got a mother too," he says, to which Angie asks him to 'bring her along too'.

As security grabs her and she slips to the floor, Bubba says: "She's sloppy drunk, look at her," to which she replies: "Your mother is a drug-addict, wh*re. Bring it on b**tard."

Jett then calmly asks her mother to leave, saying: "You've caused your scene, now get out."

Angie is then led into a car by security, saying: "My daughter deserves better than that," before putting her head in her hands.

Jett then says to the camera: "I'm definitely not going to let my mum ruin my wedding.

"I'm going back in there and I'm going to live it up. I only get this once in a lifetime and I want to make the best out of it with or without her."

The pair are then pronounced husband and wife.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ TLC

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