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ITV issues statement after Big Brother star Kerry used 'inappropriate' slur

ITV issues statement after Big Brother star Kerry used 'inappropriate' slur

The reality TV contestant outraged viewers over her comment

This article contains language some readers may find offensive

ITV has issued a statement after Big Brother star Kerry used an 'inappropriate' slur on the show.

Kerry, 40, was one of a number of contestants enjoying the VIP campsite experience for this week's shopping task.

But two of her fellow housemates decided to play a prank on her by hiding her luxury mattress - a stunt that didn't go down too well with her.

Olivia and Jenkin also told Kerry that viewers had voted for the housemate that they wanted to lose it.

Kerry, an NHS manager from Essex, said she would ask Big Brother for the mattress back, having earned the special treatment after spending time out in the rain.

Sitting down with Olivia and Jenkin, she said: "Well, this is gay."

The comment - which happened overnight between 15 October and 16 October - didn't go unnoticed by viewers, with one commenting: "I hope Kerry gets reprimanded for that."

Someone else said: "There is nothing wrong with the word gay itself but the problem is the context in which Kerry used it."

Kerry's comment left some viewers shocked.
ITV/Big Brother

A third wrote: "I genuinely haven't heard someone use that expression in about 10 years. Shockingly awful and outdated. Actually even surprised Kerry would say it on TV."

A spokesperson for Big Brother told Tyla: "Kerry was brought to the diary room to discuss her inappropriate use of language.

"Big Brother reminded Kerry of her respect and inclusion training prior to entering the House and the consequences of any further use of offensive language.

"Kerry understood and apologised for any offence caused."

The situation comes after viewers were left horrified over how 'cruel' the show is this series.

While many viewers at home were curious as to how the revival would pan out after five long years, the first episode which aired 8 October has shown one thing - the bunch of housemates will not be having it easy.

The very first housemate to enter was Jenkin, a 25-year-old barman from Bridgend and, within minutes, found out he 'will not receive hot water for the next 24 hours' after being caught first by Matty, 24, a doctor from the Isle of Man, who found him in seconds.

ITV has since issued a statement following Kerry's 'inappropriate' comment.
ITV/Big Brother

He was also chosen by 25-year-old customer support agent Yinrun to make her breakfast in bed when she won a game of musical statues.

And to make matters worse?

He was chosen as the person with the 'most questionable dress sense' based on first impressions and had his suitcase totally blown up.

He then unknowingly chose 23-year-old Scottish dancer Olivia to faces the first eviction by public vote after explaining they hadn’t totally 'gelled' yet after being tasked with the dreaded job of selecting a housemate who he thought would be the most difficult to live with.

Not an easy first day in the infamous Big Brother house at all.

Big Brother airs nightly at 9pm except Saturdays on ITV2 and ITVX.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact the LGBT Foundation on 0345 3 30 30 30, 10am–6pm Monday to Friday, or email [email protected]

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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