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Barbie fans can now buy Ryan Gosling's 'I am Kenough' hoodie from the movie

Barbie fans can now buy Ryan Gosling's 'I am Kenough' hoodie from the movie

You can inject a bit of Kenergy into your wardrobe

Thanks to Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, Barbie-mania is well and truly here and is showing absolutely no signs of going anywhere soon.

The movie hit cinemas last weekend and smashed Box Office expectations pulling in an eye-watering $155 million to become the biggest debut of the year, while setting a new record for the biggest opening weekend for a film directed by a woman. Not too bad, eh?

And if you’re not quite content with just watching the movie, then thanks to Primark you can kit yourself out from head to toe in Barbie merch.

You can get your hands on a replica of this hoodie as modelled by Ken himself.
Warner Bros

But if you fancy injecting a bit of Kenergy into your life instead, then you’re also in luck - because you can now get your hands on an exact copy of the fuzzy, multi-coloured ‘I am Kenough’ hoodie that Ryan Gosling’s Ken can be seen wearing in the flick.

And while it’s ideal for the Ken to your Barbie - I also reckon I’d wear this myself.

The hoodie is available to pre-order from the Mattel website now and will set you back £49 ($60).

The hoodie is set to ship around 29 September, bang in time for hoodie season.

Oh and if the movie-tie-in hoodie isn’t quite Kenough for you, Mattel is also flogging baseball caps, t-shirt and coffee cups.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros / Mattel

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