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Mum slams 'inappropriate' Barbie movie saying she was forced to leave cinema with daughter

Mum slams 'inappropriate' Barbie movie saying she was forced to leave cinema with daughter

Actor Juhi Parmar has labelled the new Barbie movie as 'inappropriate'.

After many months of waiting, Barbie is finally out in the wild with millions having already flocked to the cinemas since its release earlier this month.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 89 percent, Barbie has been loved by the majority as fans and industry critics praise the long-awaited film.

But that doesn't mean everyone enjoyed it, and with social media the way it is, anyone can head online to voice their opinions.

And one mum has just done just that after watching the new Barbie flick with her ten-year-old daughter.

Juhi Parmar, who is also an actor, wrote an open letter to the creators of the film, describing the film as 'inappropriate' and criticising them for ruining the 'perfect image'.

Taking to Instagram, Parmar began: "I start with owning up to my mistake. I took my 10-year-old daughter Samairra to watch your film without researching the fact that it was a 'PG-13' movie.

"10 minutes into the movie, there was inappropriate language and sexual connotations, and I was anxiously running out of the theatre wondering what I had just exposed my child to."


The mum explained how her daughter had been looking forward to the film for a while, but Parmar was left 'heartbroken' about what she exposed her daughter to.

She went on to claim she was the first one to leave the cinema after 10/15 minutes.

"I saw other parents following with their little ones crying, while some parents chose to stay back to watch the entire movie," she continued.

Parmar then questioned the PG-13 rating attached to Barbie, suggesting the film is not even appropriate for children 13 and above.

The mum hit out at the flick.
Warner Bros.

In the lengthy letter, Parmar added: "I want to ask, why make a movie that is such an essential part of a child's life and then have content in it which is so inappropriate for them.

"And then I ask what about the cross-checks? I made a mistake by not doing my research but why are there no reminders and checks? Why are theaters not reminding parents that: we hope you are aware that this is a PG-13 movie?"

The actor then accused the film's makers of purposely misleading parents to take their children to go and see the film.

"The theaters would be half empty if it wasn't for the young girls who are pushing their parents to take them for the film," she added.

The mum has accused the film's makers of misleading parents.
Warner Brothers

"I went back and checked the promos and realised that none of them even gave a glimpse of the inappropriate language that was coming up in the movie. So then then why mislead?"

Concluding the post, Parmar wrote: "I wish I could erase the memory of this film and continue believing in a picture perfect Barbie for my child."

Tyla has reached out to Warner Bros. for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@juhiparmar/Warner Bros

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