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An artist has used artificial intelligence to create images of what Disney characters would look like if they were real people.

Graphic design student and artist known as Toyboyfan on Instagram has created 'real life' Disney characters by using artificial intelligence (AI) and then going in and giving them a quick edit himself.

Prepare for all your fairytale dreams to come true.

An artist has created real life versions of Disney characters.

The artist explained the process to Bored Panda, noting he 'typically' begins with a photograph of a Disney character and also 'a photograph of a real life person who [he] thinks looks like said character'.

He continues: "Then I put the two into the A.I. program that I use to merge the two together."

However, the result can sometimes look 'a little funny' so Toyboyfan takes 'the resulting photo and combine[s] it with another photo'.

"And so on until I get a somewhat realistic photo that kinda looks like the character. Then I will take the photo to Photoshop and start making tweaks here and there to make it look even more like the character, like changing the eye color or refining the face," he resolves.

But which Disney characters has the artist brought to life?

Who are your favourite Disney characters?
Instagram/ @toyboyfan

Well, there's a whole host of Disney characters from some in Frozen to Beauty and the Beast and Princess and the Frog too.

Here's a few which you're likely to recognise.


The 'Let It Go' singer may not be wearing her hair in her signature plait like in the movies here, but her ashy blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes are certainly giving Elsa vibes.

Viewers of the edit are flocking to social media in awe of the real life version of Ana, one noting they think it looks like Russian figure skater Victoria Sinitsina - could this have been who Toyboyfan used as a reference image?

Another resolved: "These are the best real life versions of Frozen characters I've seen an artist come up with."

The artist used AI and their own skill to create a real life version of Elsa from Frozen.
Instagram/ @toyboyfan

Flynn Rider:

He's the love interest of Rapunzel in Tangled and let's not lie, we all definitely sat there wondering if it was weird of us to fancy an animated character in a Disney film before swooning at him anyway.

At least now we have a sort of real life version to make it all a bit less strange to comprehend.

Although, saying that, even more so than in the movie, the real life version of Rider is giving off complete f**kboy energy - other viewers think so too - so if you do spot anyone out and about looking like him, maybe give him a wide berth.

Real life Flynn Rider is someone you should really run away from.
Instagram/ @toyboyfan


Ariel has the iconic glossy auburn hair of the mermaid featured in the 1989 original The Little Mermaid.

While she's stunning and has been highly praised by people who've seen the artwork, she's nothing on Halle Bailey who took over the role for the 2023 live action remake and became an inspiration for young Black girls across the globe.

Ariel is channelling the 1989 original but definitely not the 2023 remake.
Instagram/ @toyboyfan


Let's face it, we all had a crush on Meg(ara) too. She and Lola from Shark Tale - which is another kettle of fish entirely - channel very much the same energy.

This AI/ Toyboyfan collaboration real life version of Meg appears slightly more innocent than the one we see in Hercules, and another viewer also pointed out she and the Hercules edit look more like 'average American teens' opposed to being Greek.

If Hercules isn't one of your favourites, what are you doing?
Instagram/ @toyboyfan


Despite one commenter on Bored Panda noting how 'real' the image looks, not all other viewer shared the same opinion for Moana's picture.

One wrote: "This one (although still cool) just doesn't feel quite as accurate as the rest. Her hair isn't as thick and curly, her hairline is different, and also she her eyebrows are shaped different too. I would love to see another version where the hair and eyebrows are captured a bit better! The other ones are just so fascinatingly accurate lol."

"This one is very cool, but Moana was actually meant to be Te Reo Māori," another argued.

However, a third resolved: "Literally like Moana."

The portrait of a real life Moana left people conflicted.
Instagram/ @toyboyfan

Toyboyfan has done a whole host of real life version of Disney characters, so if you haven't spotted your fave, be sure to check the artist's Instagram out.

The artist has also been taking requests and doing touch-ups to one's they've already done so they align more closely with the original characters.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @toyboyfan / Disney

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