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People are flooding to social media in shock after a 'movie detective' revealed his conspiracy theory which connects two Disney films' tales.

Now, you may not be one for wild conspiracy theories, but if you're a Disney fan you'll want to listen in.

TikToker Ivan Mars has sent The Little Mermaid (1989) fans reeling, after sharing his theory about Ariel's mother appearing in another classic.

We all know there have been cross-overs confirmed by Disney before, just think back to the link uncovered between Tarzan and Frozen, but what about this link?

TikToker Ivan Mars believes Ariel's mother, Athena, appears in another Disney film too.
Disney/ TikTok/ @its_ivanmars

Admitting he 'can't believe' he's only 'just noticed' this in The Little Mermaid, Mars wastes no time delving straight into his theory.

The TikToker and self-professed 'movie detective' continues: "So Athena, Ariel's mother, was taken by the pirates in the mermaid lagoon.. But wait.

"20 years before, she appeared in the same lagoon in Peter Pan.. Does it mean.. Caption Hook killed Ariel's mother??"

The clip of Peter Pan Mars shares shows a red-headed mermaid with a green-blue tail - pretty much identical to the tail of Athena, who we see in a few flashback scenes in The Little Mermaid.

But could it really be her all those years before she ends up being tragically crushed by a pirate ship during her and King Triton's anniversary party in a cove? Is it really the same cove? And Peter Pan's Captain Hook and his pirates who are to blame for her death?

The post has since gone viral on social media, with other Disney fans weighing in on the theory and even chiming in with their own suggestions too.

One user said: "The mermaid on front of hooks ship is Ariel's mother."

"Would that also mean that the little mermaid exists in the Peter Pan universe? So it's in Neverland?? Assuming she was captured in the same lagoon," another questioned.

Mars believes Ariel's mother also appears in 'Peter Pan'.
Disney/ TikTok/ @its_ivanmars

A third wrote: "Also did you see her necklace? Its like the one Ursula use to steal Ariel's voice. Just notice this."

"That's a known fact, I used to work at Disney at imagineering in glendale and they would talk about this," a fourth claimed.

And a final resolved: "It's Walt Disney, it's all connected."

Disney has confirmed fan theories in the past; however, its yet to comment on this one, so The Little Mermaid fans are going to have to hold their breath for a while longer and distract themselves with the recently released live action version of the 1989 release instead.

UNILAD has contacted Disney for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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