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Woman announces she's pregnant with Colombian toyboy's baby just two months after meeting him

Woman announces she's pregnant with Colombian toyboy's baby just two months after meeting him

A Gloucester-based woman fell pregnant with her 90 Day Fiancé UK partner but the drama is spiralling

90 Day Fiancé UK is back in full-swing and this second season is bringing all kinds of drama.

And the latest, wild, development is the woman announcing she’s pregnant with her Colombian toyboy’s baby - just two months after meeting him in person.

The TV show on discovery+ follows Brits who have 90 days to see if they can commit to their long-distance lovers.

In this week’s episode, stakes are high for Gloucester-based single-mum Louise.

The 39-year-old is two months into marriage with her husband Jose.

At 29, the Colombian rapper speaks very little English. His go-to phrase is ‘I love you chicken’, which he used in a song for Louise.

And in these early days of settling into married life together in the UK, tensions are amped up by Jose’s looming English test that will allow him to remain in the country.

Adding into this stress, Louise reveals a shock that will throw another obstacle at their relationship.

“I’ve had funny stomach cramps and I feel a bit queasy so I’m going to do a test because I think I might be pregnant,” Louise says.

Minutes later, she decides to take a pregnancy test.

Louise adds: “I feel like I can’t breathe and my heart’s racing, I just want to know, am I pregnant or not?”

And she’s not just worried about the actual result, but how her family could react as ‘it’s very fast’.

When the test shows up positive, Louise is made up and can’t wait to tell Jose.

She says: “Oh my god - I can’t believe it - how do I break this to him? How do you even say baby in Spanish?”

And her happiness is mirrored by the Colombian who responds: “I love you chicken, chicken baby!”

Louise finds out she is pregnant.

But it isn’t all joy for long as Louise starts to feel the pressure of her husband’s important test.

She says: “He needs to pull himself together.”

Louise also later wonders if she should have waited until he’d passed to try for a baby.

And then she gets some slamming from her son Jesse, who is shocked by the news.

“I barely know this guy, and all of a sudden you’re having a human being,” he says in shock. “It’s crazy that she’s decided to have a baby with Jose, they haven’t even been seeing each other for two months; I don’t know what they are thinking, or why they thought that was a good idea.”

Jose didn't quite understand it was real at first.

Obviously 90 Day Fiance UK is never short on drama and this whole scenario really lays it on thick as Jose heads for his English exam.

Louise has full faith ‘he’ll put in the effort’ if he really wants their new family.

But later, a phone text shows he’s failed.

While Jose laughs his head off at the result, Louise is heartbroken at the thought of her potential future, saying: “I’m going to be alone with the baby. I don’t know when he’s going to come back.”

Wow, talk about drama. We want to say it’s too much, but we’re already gasping for more.

The brand-new series of 90 Day Fiancé UK is available to stream exclusively on discovery+ now.

Featured Image Credit: discovery+

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